My Favourite TV Title Sequences

My Favourite TV Title Sequences

There are a lot of things that all work in conjunction with each other that people love about television shows; they love the characters, the story, the setting, heck, even the music. But before that collective machine starts grinding into gear, there’s something else before it all that deserves appreciation: the title sequence. Whether long … Continue reading

The True Blood Re-Watch / TV

The True Blood Re-Watch: Season 4 – “Now I Gotta Deal with Witches?”

We’ve had vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, ghosts, Maenads and fairies. What else could possibly be missing from the supernatural checklist? One thing: witches. Season 4 of HBO’s vampire/sex-a-thon True Blood increases speed after spending the entirety of its third year falling at each hurdle it encounters, whilst still suffering from a mirage of problems of its … Continue reading