My Game of the Year 2013

Many things happen in December. Trees go up, the festivities begin, people’s electricity bills go through the roof, and that’s before the collective weight of the world increases by a few pounds within a twenty-four hour period. But it’s also the end of the year, which can only mean one thing for the gaming community: it’s time to discuss the Game of the Year.

Yes, over the course of this month, you’re going to see so many of these lists that you’ll arrive at Christmas wanting to murder the author of every single one of them. (Please make sure not to do the same to me, because, you know, just don’t.) But nevertheless, I’m going to throw my own onto the pile.

Basically, this is a list of all the games I purchased over the course of the last twelve months ranked in order of preference. I should also add that 2013 has seen my interest in gaming diminish considerably for a variety of reasons that are for another day entirely. Therefore, there won’t be dozens upon dozens of titles listed in this post. In fact, there will be less than ten. There’ll also be several titles you may expect to see on a Game of the Year list that will be absent here simply because I either didn’t play them or I have yet to do so.

So, without blathering on much further, let’s get right to it, starting from the bottom and working our way up.


If you’d like to read the rest of this post, please click the following link: Pixel Gate.

This year has been somewhat of a strange one for me in terms of gaming. I usually purchase, on average, between 15-20 titles interspersed throughout the year, but this year, there have been only nine. The majority of which were towards the beginning of the year, with very few being bought recently. Honestly, gaming used to be one of my biggest hobbies and ways to eliminate dead time. Now it’s something I can skip for several days, even weeks, at a time and not give a second’s thought about. It’s become something of an afterthought for me, and that’s why this year’s Game of the Year post is significantly smaller than usual.

But of the titles I did purchase, I have no qualms about naming The Last of Us my favorite game of the year, even next to a game like GTA5 that I adore with almost every fiber of my being. The game has such a deep and engaging narrative from start to finish, populated by fascinating and well-developed characters doing things that aren’t always right but necessary in the world they live in. It’s a story set firmly within a world populated by the undead, but it’s the story of human survival that overrides everything else. And it’s brilliant. Utterly brilliant.

So, that’s my Game of the Year, but what’s yours? I’d love to know because for some reason I like writing and reading lists, so feel free to drop me a comment either here or on the site linked to above.




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