’12-’13 Season Gradings

I watched a lot of shows over the course of the 2012-2013 television season, and this is a complete list of them along with grades that represent my thoughts on the season. There will also be a few shows thrown in here from the latter half of last Summer, including shows like Breaking Bad and so forth.

There are a few shows listed here that I haven’t given a grade to yet. This is simply because I haven’t finished watching them yet, and I will add a grade when I have.

Also, only shows I have watched from beginning to end will be mentioned here, so shows like Revolution and Hemlock Grove (which I barely watched beyond the pilot) will not be included.


Breaking Bad: A

American Horror Story: A-

Southland: A

Falling Skies (season two): C

True Blood (season five): C-

Castle: B

New Girl: A-

Arrow: A-

Law and Order: SVU: B+

Nashville: B-


Game of ThronesA-

Mad MenB+

Nikita: A-

Doctor Who: B


Grey’s Anatomy: B+

Elementary: B+

The Vampire Diaries: B-

Scandal: A

Revenge: B

Once Upon a Time: C

Person of Interest: A-

Community: B-

Parks and Recreation: B+

The Americans: A

The Good Wife: A-

Sons of Anarchy: A

Dexter: A-

Homeland: B

Downton Abbey: B-

The Walking Dead: A-

House of Cards: B+

Arrested DevelopmentB+

Orphan Black:  A-

Falling Skies (season three)C+

True Blood (season six)B-

Orange is the New BlackA


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