My name is Stephen, I’m 21 years old and Medialey was created with the intention of combining my biggest passion of all (writing) with television and video games, both of which have been huge and influential parts of my life.

Medialey represents my continued path to becoming what I want to be: a journalist, specifically in either of the two fields described above. This blog was designed to feed my hunger to write regularly but also to become familiar with this style of writing and to mature it over time.

Articles concerning various aspects of video games and the world of television will be posted here on a regular and frequent basis. Constructive criticism is also highly sought after because after all, one cannot learn from their mistakes until they’re aware that they’ve made them.

Your feedback regarding anything you’ll see here, whether it be the articles, the use of English within, the design or even the title of this blog, is encouraged and much appreciated. By combining my insatiable hunger for writing regularly, I hope to be able to create a place that people will want to return to after visiting it for the first time, and in order to do that, I need to know the impressions that people get when they visit.

If you need/want to contact me for anything, you can find some details in the ‘Where to find me’ page, or you can leave a comment here.


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