Game of Thrones Season 2 Recaps

Game of Thrones: Blackwater – War has Arrived

Blimey, what an episode. After eight weeks of build-up and suspense towards a ‘clash of kings’, war finally erupts between the denizens of King’s Landing and the incoming force of Stannis Baratheon’s patchwork army, culminating in a bloody and brutal confrontation for both sides and an unbelievable experience for those of us watching from the … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones: ‘The North Remembers’…and so do we.

‘Power is power’, proclaims Cersei Lannister. ‘Epic is epic’, says I. Game of Thrones, the wonderful and mesmerizing show, is finally back on our screens after too long an absence, and it has never been better. The season two premiere kicks off pretty much straight after we left off. Our current roster of characters are all off … Continue reading