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Replay: Tomb Raider Legend

Just a few weeks ago, Lara Croft–the original artifact-stealing queen–made a grand return after several years of lying dormant and allowing her male counterpart–a certain Nathan Drake–to rush in and steal her thunder. For the latest iteration in the old franchise, Crystal Dynamics opted to reboot the character entirely, as well as the series itself. But it wasn’t the first time Lara Croft had been put through the creative grinder in order to rejuvenate the franchise; the last time it happened was back in 2006 with Tomb Raider Legend, a game that although not rebooting the character, changed the whole direction for the series. With the most recent title storming the charts and winning the hearts of players everywhere, I decided I’d take a look at the last major turning point for the series and see where it went right, wrong and how it has, or hasn’t, withstood the test of time since.

After a mediocre response to Angel of Darkness–the last game before Legend became a reality–and dwindling popularity, publisher Eidos took the series away from then-developers Core Design and handed things over to Crystal Dynamics, who are still in charge of the series to this day. In their hands, the series received a major overhaul in pretty much all areas, and signalled a major reboot for Tomb Raider that brought it back from the ashes, but was it actually a good game? The answer is a resounding yes, back then and even now.

Tomb Raider Legend saw a young Lara Croft witness her mother ostensibly be killed as a young child, before returning to the site many years later to uncover the truth, taking her on a journey across the globe in search of Excalibur–a sword linked to the legend of King Arthur–all whilst fending off the advances of a shady group also interested in the sword and ultimately Avalon–the mythical resting place of King Arthur and supposed location of Lara’s mother.


If you’d like to read the rest of my post, where I discuss Tomb Raider Legend further, then please visit the following link: Gamer Euphoria.


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