My 2013 TV Renewal/Cancellation Predictions: Part 3

If you’re reading this having already read the previous two parts of this series (Part one can be found here and part two here), then thank you for revisiting! If not, this–and the two previous parts–are basically a list of what I think will happen to a selection of shows in the coming months, whether it be a renewal for the 2013-2014 season or certain cancellation .

In this post, you’ll see a few horrendous performers and surprise victors but regardless, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the content of this post or the previous two, so feel free to utilise that comment box below!


Modern Family (ABC) – RENEWED (DUH)

This week’s episode gained a 3.9 rating with 10 million viewers. Its closest competition came in the form of Criminal Minds and its 2.6 figure. If you think ABC is going to cancel a show with ratings like that, you surely belong in Briarcliff Manor.


Chicago Fire (NBC) – RENEWED

If you had asked me at the beginning of the season whether I thought Chicago Fire would be renewed or not, my answer would’ve been a resounding no. After watching the pilot, I couldn’t fathom why anyone would stick with the show. Surprisingly, however, people did and Chicago Fire has demonstrated how stable of a performer it is on Wednesday nights, and it’s easily going to see a second season. Its most recent episode secured a solid 2.0 rating for and with figures like that, NBC have to be pleased. Clearly the allure of a procedural with the Dick Wolf name, plus plenty of topless, sweaty firemen, was stronger than I anticipated.


Once Upon a Time (ABC) – RENEWED

If there’s one show destined for renewal from ABC’s Sunday line-up, Once Upon a Time would be it. Although its last two episodes have hovered in the dangerous lower 2.0 region, it will still see the light of day, although it needs to elevate itself from the slump it’s currently found itself in and return to the more acceptable 2.7-ish regions it was achieving beforehand. The show needs to rebound to its previous numbers if it wants to survive beyond its third season, which at this point is a certainty – even with the slump that’s occurring at the moment.


Body of Proof (ABC) – CANCELLED

When Body of Proof first started back in 2011, it did so as a midseason show. It wasn’t performing brilliantly, but enough to secure itself a second season. What was a mediocre, forgettable procedural could’ve done well for ABC but their first mistake came when they made it into a full season show, which simply didn’t work and the ratings subsequently went down the toilet. But it survived for a third season, albeit with ‘retooling’ and a cast shake-up (i.e half of them were axed). However, if last week’s season premiere and this week’s episode are any indication (a miserable 1.4 and 1.2 respectively), what I expected to happen came to pass – that it was a case of too little, too late and there’s no way whatsoever that a fourth season will be secured. Now Dana Delany, like Kiefer Sutherland, needs to find a show that deserves her time and not one as perpetually tiresome as Body of Proof.

Person of Interest (CBS) – RENEWED

The Thursday 9pm slot is typically dominated by either Grey’s Anatomy or Person of Interest, and it’s usually the latter that wins out. Person of Interest gets the viewers (usually in excess of 14/15 million) and also the rating in the key demographic–which was a very healthy 2.9 for its most recent episode. With figures like that, a renewal is absolutely definite. I’ve seen one or two people talk about how the show could move to the Wednesday 8pm slot with only Arrow as the only drama to compete with but Person of Interest does very well where it’s currently at, it has done since the middle of its first season and I think moving it out of a timeslot that has already proven successful would be a mistake.



If you need any evidence that The CW’s new show, Cult, is highly unlikely to be renewed, or even finish its first season, then all you need to look at is its pathetic 0.3 rating for its season premiere and the fact it’s already been shifted to Fridays. Even for The CW those kinds of numbers are beyond horrendous and Cult has been killed off before it has even gotten into its stride. Ah well, but what did they expect with a bizarre concept and little to no marketing whatsoever?


90210 (The CW) – CANCELLED

After seeing this week’s truly abysmal 0.2 rating and this week’s just-as-bad 0.3, with a huge share of 0 in the 18-49 demographic for last week (LOL), I am inclined to believe that there is no way The CW can justify renewing such a ratings catastrophe. The show is on its fifth season; there’s no reason to keep it going anymore, and especially not with only 500,000 people watching. Maybe those people can navigate to a show that’s actually worthy of being watched…

EDIT: Since writing this The CW have announced that this current season of 90210 will be the last. And in other news, expert scientists have concluded that the sky frequently turns blue during the day.


Revolution (NBC) – RENEWED

You can count me amongst the people that thought that Revolution would be a disaster on NBC. It sounded like it had all the makings of a flop show, from the concept right down to the channel it was on (no offence guys). However, what actually happened went in the complete opposite direction, with regular ratings figures hovering around the 3.0 mark. Its most recent episode (November 28th) scored a 2.9 figure, which is more than worthy of a renewal. However, NBC in their eternal wisdom then decided to put the show off air until March 25th, leaving a huge gap lasting nearly four months between episodes. Whether that will ultimately have an effect on how the show performs when it returns remains to be seen but at this point in time, it’s a definite lock-in for renewal and one of this season’s biggest surprise performers, even with its questionable quality.


Supernatural (The CW) – RENEWED

The CW already renewed Supernatural for a ninth season recently and with its viewers still being as rabid and passionate today as they were several seasons ago, along with the ratings still being a success, there’s no reason the show couldn’t continue for many more seasons. Creatively, it’s debatable as to whether the show has still ‘got it’ but it’s one of The CW’s biggest shows and it deserved a renewal based solely on that.


Parks and Recreation (NBC) – RENEWED

As I mentioned previously, NBC don’t have a lot of well-performing comedies at the moment, what with The Office coming to an end and 30 Rock already finished, so Parks and Recreation should be heading for a sixth season renewal and rightly so. Go Knope!




For a show that airs on Friday, is on NBC and everybody thought was going to be a disaster, Grimm has shown repeatedly that it can do well with what it has to work with and NBC should be pleased with its performance, hence its certain renewal this season.



And that, folks, is the end of my renewal/cancellation predictions for this season. I would strongly like to hear your views on what you think will be the winners and losers from this season so hit that comment box below!



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