My 2013 TV Renewal/Cancellation Predictions: Part 2

In the first part of this post — located here — I discussed my predictions for a handful of shows ranging from The Vampire Diaries and Touch to Scandal and Castle. In this post, I will share my predictions for another selection of shows that I either watch or am familiar with and why I believe they are destined for renewal or cancellation.

Your own predictions, as well as your thoughts on mine, are highly welcome in the comment box below. Just don’t say you think Nikita will be cancelled because I’m not sure my heart could take it.

Nikita (The CW) – RENEWED

Oh Nikita, you are so woefully underappreciated that it pains me. Everybody that follows TV ratings should already know that Nikita’s ratings for its current season have hardly hit spectacular heights. In fact, they’ve been fairly miserable, even for The CW. However, Nikita’s secret weapon comes in the form of the syndication deal that would be achieved if the show was renewed, and it’s because of this that I fully believe The CW will renew the show for a fourth season, which may or may not be its last. I don’t understand why more people don’t watch Nikita but getting into the mind of a Nielsen viewer is like traversing a minefield where one wrong step could send you on a one-way trip to a padded cell.

True Believer


There’s not really a lot you need to know about Vegas other than its ratings started decently and then became crap. Its two most recent episodes only managed a meagre 1.5 and 1.6 respectively which are as damning as they sound. As for the show itself, I only watched the pilot and found myself totally disinterested about going back for more, even with the talent on-board. Therefore I can’t speak of its quality since then but it’s irrelevant with ratings as dire as that.


Elementary (CBS) – RENEWED

Say what you want about CBS’ take on the Sherlock mythology (namely that it doesn’t compare to the BBC’s modern vision and so forth) but you can’t deny its moderate ratings success. Yes, it hasn’t exactly lit the television-sphere alight but it’s performed decently and will get renewed in the coming months. Even against Scandal in the 10pm Thursday slot it manages to hold its own. Regarding the show itself, it could be better. I always feel that Elementary never really harnesses the potential it has to be a brilliant show and although it occasionally shows greatness, it’s mostly a tedious procedural affair. I really wish they’d move towards a more serialized format and less of the repetitive, and frankly uninteresting, cases of the week.


Law and Order: SVU (NBC) – RENEWED

Let’s face it, NBC is not really in any position to be cancelling a show like SVU is it? It might not be pulling in strong ratings but it’s a consistent performer that, even in its fourteenth year and after a radical casting shake-up last season, still has a loyal and dedicated set of viewers that return week after week. The writing has been substantially better for the last season and a half, the cast continue to impress and unless Mariska Hargitay suddenly decides she wants to get off the SVU train, it shouldn’t be in any danger of being cancelled.


Community (NBC) – RENEWED

Even as I type the word ‘renewed’ I am still not completely sure that NBC will do just that to Community. Its ratings were already dodgy before, hence why its fourth season was only a thirteen episode order, and although it returned to a strong figure for its fourth season premiere a few weeks ago, the proceeding episode dropped to a dismal 1.2, with things not improving for last week. However, NBC’s comedy line-up is hardly anything to hold on a pedestal (especially with 30 Rock finished and The Office ending soon), and with new shows like The New Normal doing poorly, do they really want to be cancelling a show that, despite being an underwhelming performer ratings-wise, has a very passionate fanbase determined to see it succeed? I don’t think so, but this is NBC we’re talking about so I can’t say I’m entirely convinced they will follow the same logic, unfortunately.



I don’t watch this show so I can’t attest to its quality but judging from the fact its second season premiere barely scraped together a 1.1 rating and its second episode a 0.7 (truly laughable), I can’t imagine the future looks bright. That being said, there’s still a chance — however slim it may be — that there could be a rebound for its subsequent episodes, but I don’t think it’s likely.


Revenge (ABC) – RENEWED

Revenge did fairly well in its Wednesday slot during its first season, and with Desperate Housewives finishing and leaving a gap in its Sunday schedule, ABC figured that they’d move Revenge to Sundays and hope it would plug the gap. But it hasn’t, and Revenge’s ratings haven’t impressed as much as they could’ve done. Whether it’s because of the scheduling or a very hit-and-miss second season is debatable but irrespective of that, I’d be surprised if it didn’t manage a third season.


Beauty and the Beast (The CW) – CANCELLED

I’m still not entirely confident that The CW will cancel Beauty and the Beast but its ratings leave a lot to be desired so I would predict cancellation at this point. Let’s not forget that The Secret Circle wasn’t too far off BatB’s ratings last year and that too saw itself cancelled, and that show seemed to have more buzz surrounding it than this does. In the event it does get renewed, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it paired with Nikita on Friday nights. Regarding the quality of the show, I watched the pilot, found it absolutely horrible and vowed never to return — and I still wouldn’t have it any other way.


Arrow (The CW) – RENEWED

Arrow was one of three shows recently renewed prematurely by The CW, with the other two being the aforementioned The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. It’s not hard to see why, either. Arrow has been a consistent performer since its pilot, with its most recent episode at the time of writing garnering a 1.1 rating; more than enough to warrant a renewal. Pairing it with Supernatural on Wednesday nights has evidently been a good decision by The CW and long may it continue. I will always appreciate seeing a clothing-less Oliver Queen on my screen whether it’s now or two year’s ahead.


Nashville (ABC) – RENEWED

When Nashville first started last October, its ratings left me uncertain about whether it was heading for a renewal or not. They weren’t terrible, but they weren’t exemplary either. However, it has since demonstrated that it’s a stable performer for the most part and there’s little chance that a renewal won’t happen. I’m still surprised by how much I enjoy the show considering I have little time for country music, and yet the show continues to impress me week after week. Some elements of it don’t work as well as I’d like them to, but they don’t detract from what is essentially a strong, sturdy show that knows what it is and how to make the most of it.


And with that comes the end of this second (of three) posts. The concluding segment of my predictions should appear towards this weekend so if you’re interested, check back in a few day’s time!


ADDENDUM: The third–and final–part of this post can be found here.


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