My 2013 Renewal/Cancellation Predictions: Part 1

So that time of year is rapidly approaching once again. The time when all your favourite shows go through the proverbial meat grinder and possibly re-emerge intact and with future seasons on the horizon. It can sometimes be a bloodbath and it’s usually always an emotionally testing time for people who follow a lot of shows, but it’s also strangely exciting.

As I did this time last year, I have created a list of shows I either watch or am familiar with and I have written my predictions for what will happen to them in the coming months. My predictions last year were a mixed success and this year there are even more shows to add to the list, so I’m hoping my powers of clairvoyance will pay off this time!

Castle (ABC) – RENEWED

Castle seems mostly stable in its regular Monday night slot, and it regularly goes head-to-head with Hawaii 5-0 on CBS and occasionally wins, but even though it sometimes drops into average territory, it’s a stable performer that I would be extremely surprised to see go this season. Creatively it’s taken a large-ish step this season with the romantic pairing of its two main characters, but it’s not detracted from the quality fortunately and therefore a sixth season is deserved.


Bones (Fox) – RENEWED

Bones was renewed some time ago by Fox – which given its decent-but-not-spectacular ratings, was unsurprising. That being said, however, it is my opinion that the show reached its pinnacle several seasons ago and now it is simply making the moves towards its inevitable conclusion. It’s not a surprise that the show has become stale after eight seasons but it’s in danger of becoming a shadow of its former self, so bringing it to a natural ending rather than one imposed by depleted ratings might be a good idea.


The Following (Fox) – COULD GO EITHER WAY

I find it hard to have much of an opinion on The Following as it’s still relatively new and its ratings, although lower for last week, could rebound in the opposite direction. As such, I can’t predict whether it will be renewed or cancelled yet because it’s still too early. The rating it achieves for tonight’s episode (this was written on Monday, just so you know) will give some indication but because the show’s more serialized in format, any further ratings drops could spell bad news for the future.

The show itself, however, is…alright. Some people will appreciate the dark edge to such a degree that they’ll call it ‘amazing’, ‘fantastic’ and many other synonyms for the word, but others (like me) will feel that there is something missing, although what I’m still not sure.

ADDENDUM: After seeing the preliminary ratings for this week’s episode (a 2.8), I’m confident The Following will be renewed this season.



AMC’s zombie behemoth The Walking Dead was renewed a while ago and considering it recently smashed its own ratings record with numbers that are absolutely staggering for a cable channel, I’d hazard a guess as to say it’ll probably be renewed well beyond its fourth season. Viewers obviously love to see people miserable and mutilated week after week (including me) so AMC seem to have come across the winning formula.


The Good Wife (CBS) – RENEWED

It’s no secret that for a while now, The Good Wife has been pulling in rather unimpressive figures during its Sunday night slot. Its most recent offering only managed a meagre 1.4 18-49 rating, which wouldn’t bode well at all for any other shows. However, The Good Wife benefits from being one of network television’s most critically acclaimed shows that regularly has a presence at the prestigious award ceremonies, and it’s because of this that I think CBS will renew the show irrespective of its poor ratings. It also gets a pretty decent amount of viewers, just not in the key demographic. There are other shows on CBS’ lineup, such as CSI: NY, that perform badly and have a stronger chance of being cancelled, so I think The Good Wife is pretty safe. And it better be because I am in no way prepared to see this show finish yet.

I’d also like to lay some blame at the feet of the CBS schedulers. The scheduling for The Good Wife can sometimes be so erratic that it’s a miracle people know when to watch it when it’s actually on. For example, this week’s episode was the first in three weeks, and the next is two weeks away. Beyond that is even more of a mystery. It needs a stable schedule, CBS, and fast.


Touch (Fox) – CANCELLED

Oh Touch, you are so dead that you should make an appearance in The Walking Dead. Touch was already pulling average ratings for its first season and that was on a Monday night, so quite why Fox renewed the show, put it in the traditional Friday night death slot and expected anything less than appalling figures is beyond me. When Fox moved Fringe to Friday night, the show already had a loyal fanbase that ensured it survived for as long as it did. Touch does not, never did and after the horrendous 0.7 figure achieved last week, never will. Kiefer Sutherland needs to find something more worthy of his time and fast.


The Vampire Diaries (The CW) – RENEWED

Again, The Vampire Diaries already being renewed should come as no surprise to anybody. The Vampire Diaries was possibly the safest show in the entirety of The CW’s schedule and its consistently stable ratings were the reason why. It does well in its current Thursday night slot and it will inevitably continue to do well for the foreseeable.


Scandal (ABC) – RENEWED

When Scandal’s second season began back in September last year, its ratings were decent at best. It seemed to hover around the 2.0 mark which, although not excellent, may have ended with a renewal. However, for its last handful of episodes, its average rating seems to have increased considerably and the show now pulls in figures around 2.5-2.7 every week, which is more than adequate for a renewal. And that’s good news because Scandal’s latest episode has shown a remarkable ability to freshen events up in a way that doesn’t feel forced, and with that skill at hand, its survival should continue for a while to come.


The second part to this post (of which there are three) will be here at some point towards the end of this weekend so if you’re interested – and I hope you are – stay tuned!

ADDENDUM: The second part of this post can be found here.

ADDENDUM: The third part of this post can be found here.


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