Ten Years of Hitman – My Top 5 Missions

Since 2002, five Hitman games have been released taking the ruthless, lethal and deadly Agent 47 to locations ranging from weddings, Russia, hotels, witness protection, a Mardi Gras, a vineyard and even a BDSM party in a meat factory. Some wielded exciting, interesting results while others have left a sour taste not easily remedied.

With the recent release of the Hitman HD Trilogy, containing HD remakes of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and Hitman Contracts, not to mention Blood Money, I will look back on a decade’s worth of Hitman levels and choose my favorite five from this glowing franchise.

Of course, my selections are entirely subjective and based on nothing other than my personal opinion so it’s possible you won’t agree with some of them. But that’s life, right?

Interested in reading the remainder of this post (why wouldn’t you be? Duh)? Well here’s a handy lil’ link for you to click: Gamer Euphoria.

I’ve made no secret of my excitement for the release of the Hitman HD Trilogy last week. I have been a huge fan of the Hitman franchise for well over a decade, I’ve played each title to absolute death and back and even though the most recent title – Absolution – wasn’t as strong as I was hoping, I still managed to suck plenty of enjoyment from its bones.

On the subject of the HD Trilogy, I think they did a decent enough job with Hitman 2 and Contracts. Both look sharper than their original iterations, as expected, and although the gameplay feels a little dated at times, it’s still a (sometimes difficult) thrill to experience again after all this time. But part of the reason I was so hyped for this release was because of the nostalgia it would provide, and it succeeded strongly on that front.

Blood Money, however, is just a reskin of the version you can buy on the shelves already – complete with the Pal-60 problem on the Xbox 360. I don’t know the practicality of removing this incredibly frustrating issue but after six years, I had hoped a solution would’ve been found. Apparently not. I understand that Blood Money was already in HD and therefore retooling it like the other two games wasn’t necessary, but simply putting a different cover on the disc and not trying to fix any of the original problems is lazy and a massive problem for those without access to a component cable.

Nevertheless, the maps I discuss in the above article all hold places in my gaming heart for various reasons and I’d love to hear whether they do for you as well, or which levels do.


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