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The Journey So Far – Skyrim DLC

There’s so much to do in the land of Skyrim, from defeating dragons and saving the world from destruction, to joining the Dark Brotherhood and offing folk for a living, exploring in vast caverns for treasure and beasties to kill, and even attempting lurid sex acts on your house companions. Fus Ro Dah-ing poor hapless bandits off the highest cliff in the land, simply for the lols, is also fun as well.. However, when all that is done, when you’ve truly sapped everything there is to be experienced in Bethesda’s huge title, what else is there to do? That’s where DLC comes in.
Over the last twelve months, a series of downloadable add-ons have been released for Skyrim, ranging from vampires to dragon riding and even house building. Their purpose was to expand on an already vast and sprawling experience that despite being the aforementioned things, still had a limit on what you could do and how much you could enjoy doing it. With the third of those add-ons having been released back in December, and the possibility for more in the near future, I’ll take a look at what Skyrim’s current DLCs did right, what they failed to do and what hopes I have from any future content Bethesda decides to grace us with.

Should you wish to continue reading the rest of this article, and I would greatly appreciate it if you did, you can do so by following this link: Gamer Euphoria.

As I say in the remainder of this article, I have mixed feelings regarding Skyrim’s DLC offerings to date. The ideas have certainly been there and had the execution been polished, they would’ve been terrific. However, they weren’t, and I came away with the feeling that Bethesda were merely scratching at the potential they have to create magnificent expansion packs. Dragonborn, the most recent offering, was a step in the right direction but it too suffered from a wide selection of problems and although it’s my favourite of the three so far, it still wasn’t perfect.

What are your thoughts on the expansion packs that have been released for Skyrim so far and what do you hope for the future if there are to be any further DLC outings? Let me know in the comments either here or on the website linked above.


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