A Year Later

Exactly one year ago to this day, I created this blog. My passion for writing had recently been reignited and I found myself wanting to try blogging again after numerous failed attempts in the past. I had no expectations that anybody would read it, would care to read it or that anything would happen other than me posting things to it every once in a while.

Fast-forward twelve months and I’ve posted over a hundred things to this blog, gathered a small but decent amount of followers and gained over 10,000 views, which was achieved late last week. To say that my expectations have been exceeded would be a huge understatement, and I’ve loved almost every minute of it.

I’ve posted a few times both recently and months ago about my desires to take my interest in writing beyond blogging and into something that could possibly become a career. Back in April when I first reached 1000 views, I made a post where I stated that when I reached a five figure view count – which I never imagined I’d reach any time soon – I hoped that I would have made a step towards that goal. I believe I’ve done that by becoming a writer on Gamer Euphoria. com. It’s a small step but considering I never imagined myself doing anything of the sort at this point last year, it’s pretty significant in my eyes.

Then there’s the view count, of course. Honestly, when I created this blog, I had little hopes of anybody reading what I was going to write besides the odd person here and there. Reaching 100 views was a milestone. Reaching 1000 was insane. Reaching 10,000 was beyond anything I had ever expected. Yes, when you think of how big the internet is and how many blogs there are out there, 10,000 views is pretty tiny. To me, however, it’s massive and it makes all the difference to know that people read what you’ve taken the time and effort  to write. That’s what was missing in my previous blogging attempts and this time it’s been present, fortunately.

When it all comes down to it, I just love writing. Sometimes I can’t be bothered to write and consider the prospect more of an inconvenience than an enjoyable passion but there are days where I love to do nothing but write. It’s unfortunate that I am still my own worst critic and I am rarely truly happy with anything I’ve written, even if’ I’ve spent hours on it, but some things are probably not destined to change so quickly.

A year ago I created a blog that I didn’t know if I would be able to maintain for too long. I did that whilst continuing to write frequently to it. I’ve watched the view count increase exponentially in recent months and I can only hope that the next twelve months are as fruitful as the past twelve have been!

And finally, I am very grateful for anybody that has ever read anything on here, commented, liked or followed this blog since last year. Very, very grateful indeed.


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