In-Between Posts (12th October 2012)

Hey there blogosphere!

Just a quick update on planned posts and what not, as well as other things to discuss. I have written something regarding my thoughts on the recently released Medal of Honor: Warfighter beta for Xbox 360 which I’ll post a link to on here once it’s been published. I will say in advance that even though I had no intentions of purchasing the game before, playing the beta has set that plan in stone. In other words, it frickin’ sucks.

Also, November 1st will represent the first year anniversary of me creating this blog! I am hoping that to commemorate the event, this blog will exceed 10,000 views on or before the date but regardless, I’m still immensely pleased with what I’ve accomplished with this over the last twelve months and I can only hope the next twelve are as fruitful. I’ve mentioned numerous times before that my past relationship with blogging has been turbulent to say the least but I’m glad to have finally broken away from the pattern.

As my blog approaches its first birthday, I also turned 21 last Monday. I’m not one for celebrating birthdays with huge lavish parties as it’s just not my style and quite frankly I’d hate it, but I still enjoyed the day. Much shopping occurred, much money was spent and a huge dose of new television to watch was also greatly appreciated.

On that subject, I have recently been watching through all of the James Bond films (I’m currently at Tomorrow Never Dies) and I am keen on writing a ‘best/worst of’ list of those movies, actors, villains etc. As much as I love the Bond franchise, it has so many stinkers to be able to easily write a ‘worst of’ list, namely Diamonds are Forever, Moonraker, Octopussy, Die Another Day (shudder) and so forth. Thankfully they can be balanced with the likes of From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Goldeneye, Casino Royale, On her Majesty’s Secret Service etc.

Of course I will also be continuing my Week in TV posts, which are now shorter but straight to the point. This week’s has a pair of absolutely horrendous pilots, however. Naming no names…yet. My viewing schedule is set to get even heavier soon with The Walking Dead premiering this Sunday and the likes of Nikita returning next week. Community was supposed to be back next Friday as well but NBC pulled it and it’s still too traumatic to talk about. *sobs uncontrollably into the keyboard*

Well, that about wraps things up for now. If you’d like a constant stream of my thoughts you can follow me on Twitter, which I’m a heavy user of, via @steosphere. Just be warned that I might become a nuisance when watching Homeland this week after the brilliance of last week.


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