Emmy Awards 2012 Reactions

As any fan of television should know, the annual Emmy awards went out last Sunday for a night of glitz, glamour and domination by Modern Family and Homeland. Were the awards deserved or were they travesties? Was Bryan Cranston robbed? Between Julie Bowen and Claire Danes, who rocked the yellow look the best? Here are my reactions to a selection of the award categories, which will mostly be pertaining to the drama section. Sorry folks but I don’t watch nearly enough of the nominated comedy shows to be able to formulate a strong enough opinion on who won them. Maybe next year but not this time.


Comedy Series

Prediction: Modern Family

Winner: Modern Family

Reaction: Judging from how easily Modern Family cleaned up their respective categories earlier in the show, having it take the biggest comedy award of the night home shouldn’t have been a surprise to anybody.

Personally, though I do like Modern Family, the parts of season three that I’ve watched so far aren’t up to the same mark as its previous years were. Clearly, however, that doesn’t matter much because the Emmy voters have a massive love for the show and would probably let it win even if it had a truly abysmal season that was reviled by everybody that watched it.

I’m also not going to repeat myself from my predictions post by mentioning that a certain college-based show on NBC should’ve been nominated, and won. It may still haunt me, but it didn’t happen, unfortunately.


Supporting Comedy Actor

Prediction: Ty Burrell – Modern Family

Winner: Eric Stonestreet – Modern Family

Reaction: After his victory last year, I pretty much assumed Ty Burrell would repeat said victory this year. Wrong was I. That being said, the accolade still went to somebody from Modern Family, though considering four-out-of-six of the nominees were from the show, that was always going to be inevitable. I don’t dislike Eric Stonestreet but I don’t think he had any true stand-out performances in season three of MF, at least not from what I’ve seen so far.

As I said in my predictions post, my hope was that Max Greenfield would somehow perform a miracle and win above a quadruplet of Modern Family nominees but obviously that was never going to happen. Ever. Somebody from MF was always going to win this category and that’s why I’m convinced we’re all living in the darkest timeline. Y’all who watch that NBC comedy mentioned before will know what I mean.


Drama Actor

Prediction: Bryan Cranston – Breaking Bad

Winner: Damian Lewis – Homeland

Reaction: This is the category that truly surprised me on the night. I, and so many others, had Bryan Cranston as having this category locked down. He’d won consecutive times in the past, had a brilliant episode submission to work with and as far as I was concerned, the award was his. But then it went to Damian Lewis and…what?

I am truly baffled that Cranston didn’t win this year. He had arguably the strongest acting of his entire career in Breaking Bad’s fourth season. It still seems bizarre to me that this is the year the Emmy voters decided not to give him the award, despite the above holding true. Yes, the competition from the other nominees was particularly strong but be that as it may he stood above them all. How he failed to secure the victory remains unknown.

Despite being confused and a little frustrated that Cranston didn’t win, I can’t deny that I am utterly thrilled for Damian Lewis. He was exceptional in Homeland and his victory was thoroughly deserved. I just wish it hadn’t happened at a time when the majority of the predictions and hopes were placed elsewhere onto another nominee, therefore detracting from the win somewhat.

Am I happy for Damian Lewis? Absolutely. I am also sad and confused at Cranston’s loss, but I can’t remain too unhappy about it for too long given the eventual outcome. If Cranston doesn’t win next year, however, then there will truly be something strange in the air.


Drama Actress

Prediction: Claire Danes – Homeland

Winner: Claire Danes – Homeland

Reaction: HELL YEAH, BITCHES! I said in my predictions post that I would’ve been so angry if she didn’t win the award and thankfully she did, as many others had also predicted beforehand. Her co-star, Damian Lewis, winning earlier than her made her victory even more important because as great as Lewis was, Danes’ performance in Homeland was infinitely above that of the other nominees, including Julianna Marguiles who I am a massive fan of.

Seeing Damian Lewis win his category against all expectations obviously had me a little concerned that Claire Danes wouldn’t. She was nothing short of a sure-thing for the award but I also thought the same thing of Bryan Cranston and look how that turned out. Luckily the Emmy voters seem to have been particularly fond of Homeland this year and her victory was as secure as it should’ve been.

Extra points are also given to rocking the yellow dress and looking fabulous, of course.


Supporting Drama Actor

Prediction: Aaron Paul – Breaking Bad/Peter Dinklage – Game of Thrones

Winner: Aaron Paul – Breaking Bad

Reaction: I hate to repeat myself but HELL YEAH, BITCHES! Not only was Paul incredibly adorable and sweet in his acceptance speech but it was really deserved as well. He also had the honor of taking home Breaking Bad’s ONLY award in the major categories of the evening – a fact I’m still mortified about given it was season four under the microscope this year.

As overjoyed as I was about Aaron Paul’s victory, I still felt very sad for Giancarlo Esposito, his fellow Breaking Bad nominee. Between the two, I was hoping for a win for the latter simply because this was his only chance to be recognised for his role as Gus Fring, whereas Aaron Paul would’ve had other chances next year. The way he immediately jumped up and congratulated his co-star upon the winner being announced was really dignified and sweet and definitely something I’ll remember fondly in the future, however.

Also, can we just appreciate for a moment how good Aaron Paul looks in a suit?


Supporting Drama Actress

Prediction: Maggie Smith – Downton Abbey/Christina Hendricks – Mad Men

Winner: Maggie Smith – Downton Abbey

Reaction: There was little doubt in my mind that the award was going to either of the two actresses predicted above. I don’t watch either show but I heard from others that Hendricks had a strong chance and Maggie Smith is…well, Maggie Smith. She didn’t turn up for the award again, just like last year, but the result was expected, though I can’t say whether it was deserved because I haven’t seen her work on Downton Abbey for myself yet.

Considering the number of nominations Downton Abbey had this year, I was expecting a little more than only one win in the major categories. I’m glad that didn’t happen but it still surprised me a little. This category had better belong to Anna Gunn next year though or I might go Gus Fring for a while, and that won’t be pretty.


Outstanding Drama Series

Prediction: Mad Men

Winner: Homeland

Reaction: The biggest award of the night was probably one of the most unsure categories for me. While Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones didn’t stand a chance against the competition, any one of the other nominees could’ve walked away with the award: Mad Men for its fifth consecutive year of winning; Breaking Bad for an incredible fourth season; Downton Abbey for simply being Downton Abbey; and Homeland for being the new kid on the block that everybody took a shine to. Well, Mad Men lost its chance to win the award five years in a row to Homeland, which topped off an evening of dominating the competition in the major drama categories.

Homeland winning the biggest award of the evening wasn’t as big of a surprise it could have been. After its two lead stars both won their categories earlier in the evening, it was clear that the voters were fond of the show and that its potential victory could happen. However, it was still against especially strong competition and the fact it still won is great, though surprising.

I adore Homeland and I think that for a new show just starting out, it did an incredible job of establishing its characters and plot whilst captivating its audience. Therefore I think it’s obvious that I consider its victory deserved. But, and it’s a big but, was it better than Breaking Bad (what I consider the strongest nominee on the list)? No, it wasn’t. Breaking Bad had a phenomenal fourth season that deserved to scoop this award despite losing in some of the others and I can’t deny my sadness that it didn’t. Homeland, I love you but you already took the awards for the actor and actress categories and Breaking Bad should have got this one.


And so endeth my reactions to this year’s Emmy awards. I’m disappointed that Bryan Cranston failed to secure what should’ve been his award and I’m sad that we still have Modern Family dominating the comedy categories when it’s not the best show to do so, but that’s the Emmys for you; they rarely meet your expectations.

As for the ceremony itself, it wasn’t terrible but it seemed a little more ‘low-key’ compared to last year’s. I don’t know if it was just me that thought this or whether it was an opinion held by others but it seemed that way nevertheless. I still enjoyed it, however, and I’m keen on hearing your thoughts concerning the winners of the categories, the upsets and anything else worth mentioning. The comment box is yours to use!

Before I finish, what was with Christina Hendricks and those huge bazoombas of hers?! Jeez. I’m surprised aircraft in the sky weren’t picking up a signal from them.


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