Hearthfire Review – House Building for Dummies

The land of Skyrim is a vast, varied and exciting land full of things every intrepid adventurer should experience for themselves. The brawling types can head into every scenario with their sword raised, prepared to bludgeon all those in sight. The more tactile player can use their head to consider how to approach a particular predicament. However, the role-player has had very little to do until now.

Hearthfire is Bethesda’s second attempt at DLC for their award-winning RPG mammoth Skyrim. The first introduced vampires to the fray and the second introduces the ability to create a house from the foundations and have total freedom in where that is, what the house features and who lives in it. It sounds great, right? Don’t be fooled by the pretence, because Hearthfire unfortunately chooses to bind you with limits even when trying to give you more freedom to experiment with.

If you want to read the remainder of my review on Skyrim’s latest DLC offering, click the following link: Gamer Euphoria.

As you’ll be able to tell if you read my whole review, I am not a big fan of Hearthfire. I appreciate what it tries to do and what it attempts to include in the experience of Skyrim but in my opinion, it just fails in almost all of its efforts. It’s restrictive, gives you very little control and the combination of these things almost make the process feel like it’s on-rails. It’s a shame because had it been done right, Hearthfire really could have brought so much to Skyrim that wasn’t already there, and for an extremely small price, too.

Hopefully the disappointment of Hearthfire won’t detract from any more future content for Skyrim. Dawnguard worked fairly well and I hope we see something similar next time, and I sincerely hope there will be a next time! Hearthfire wasn’t a step in the right direction as far as Skyrim DLC goes, in my opinion. Hopefully they can move on from that and perhaps even release said content for PS3 players who are being monstrously shafted at the moment.

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