Welcome to San Andreas Once Again

Yesterday, after spending months without anything new being released regarding Rockstar’s latest entry in the gaming behemoth Grand Theft Auto franchise, they slyly included two new screenshots in the middle of one of their Q&A sessions on their blog .

The screenshots don’t give a lot of information away unfortunately, other than re-iterating the fact the game will once again take place in San Andreas, but anything new concerning the latest GTA title is obviously welcome any and all the time. Rockstar are notorious for only trickling out information about Grand Theft Auto and unfortunately they’ve stated that they won’t be in any position to showcase anything else new for some time, as mentioned in the aforementioned blog entry. So, savour these screenshots for as long as you can guys. Oh, and does anybody else have a strong urge to push the guy in the second picture into the water? Ah how I’ve missed GTA.

I won’t ask if anybody else is excited about Grand Theft Auto V because the answer would be so obvious that the question would practically be rhetorical. 2008’s GTA4 came in for a lot of slack due to its movement away from the fun, over-the-top shenanigans that were present in previous titles to a more realistic environment. It certainly wasn’t without its problems, namely the sometimes-awkward driving mechanics that were made more realistic to fit in with the rest of the game, the unfortunate glitches and bugs that were present in Liberty City (the swing-set glitch can stay though) and so forth. Despite those issues, I still consider GTA4 possibly the finest entry in the franchise next to Vice City, and comparing them doesn’t seem fair as they’re at the opposite ends of the spectrum to one another.

On the one hand, you have GTA4’s realism, combined with a thriving environment in the form of Liberty City, and on the other, you have Vice City’s outlandish nature and its insistence on you having fun regardless of whether it’s bound by the constraints of reality or not. Both were mesmerizing creations, with memorable characters and storylines, not to mention brilliant cities to explore, and as such, I consider them both the pinnacle of the franchise to date. San Andreas was fantastic as well, especially the size of the city and the leaps it made from Vice City, but VC gave me far more memorable moments than it did, unfortunately.

It’s obvious that GTAV has a lot riding on its back; it has the criticisms that surrounded GTA4 following it as well as the hopes that it’ll maintain the finest parts of GTA4 and blend them with the best of the titles that preceded it. It could receive a spectacular reception or it could disappoint many like what happened back in 2008. Either way, the sales figures will inevitably be gigantic and we most likely won’t see the game until Spring 2013 at the earliest, although I would estimate that it may be Fall 2013, or even the beginning of 2014 before it hits. A long time, yes, but the wait will surely be worth it.

Source: CVG

On a side-note, I want to mention that I had initally stated my intention to run a small competition this week. I had originally intended on starting it last night but unfortunately, I’ll have to delay it into the latter half of next week. Also, material has been a little thin this week for numerous reasons. One being my new venture elsewhere as I described earlier this week, as well as making preparations to watch The Amazing Spider-Man tomorrow (preparations need to be made when the nearest cinema is over thirty miles away via train). Also, I’ve been somewhat busy considering a college course that begins in September that sounds very promising. I don’t have the specific information yet but it certainly sounds interesting enough to enroll on. It would, however, take up three days of my week – from 9am-2pm/4pm on said days – which would have the potential to encroach upon my writing duties but as I’ve said before, my intentions to continue posting here are as strong as they have always been. I will post here no matter what happens, unless there is some sort of celestial event that brings about the end of days, of course. Even then, if there’s an internet connection available, you’ll see me here. Dedication at its finest.

Anyway, are you excited for GTAV? Did these screenshots make you shake nervously with excitement, or were you too disappointed with GTA4 to not want to bother with the franchise anymore? Hit the comment box below and share your thoughts.

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