The Next Step

I mentioned briefly in yesterday’s ‘A Week in Gaming’ post that I had applied to join the writing staff of another, more popular, gaming website. I also mentioned that I would post an update here about whether or not my application to do so was accepted. Well, true to my word, I am here to give that update. Unfortunately, I did not get in…

…ah I’m just kidding. I was accepted!

For anybody who is reading this that may not be aware, my intention is to enter into journalism at some point in my life, specifically in either of the two biggest passions I have besides gaming: TV and video-games. Creating this blog was the most significant step I had taken after many years of neglecting to write anything of value and since then, I’ve gained well over 3,500 views, which may be minuscule when compared to the sites that get that in ten minutes but for me, it’s huge. I continue to post on a frequent basis and to say that I love doing it would be an understatement.

I’ve been doing that since November 2011 so I figured the time was right to progress to the next step, which was writing for something bigger than this blog. I attempted it last October and was unsuccessful, which is what prompted me to create this blog in the first place. I like to believe that I’ve improved since then and it was that initial rejection that strengthened this recent effort. Being somewhat familiar with the site I applied for and seeing that they were hiring for staff, I took the opportunity. Fortunately, it paid off.

So here I am at the next step towards my intended goal. I can’t deny that it’s incredibly daunting to be undertaking this task but it’s exciting nevertheless. I’ll be writing weekly/fortnightly opinion pieces on anything from the world of video-games, which is not too dissimilar from what I do on this blog anyway, only for a wider audience. I will not, however, be abandoning this blog to concentrate on my other role. It’ll involve more work to continue to write for both places but I am proud of what I’ve managed to achieve with this blog and there is no way I will let it die after I’ve put so much effort into it already. I can’t say for definite that I’ll be updating it as frequently as I do now but weekly posts are absolutely on the cards. In short, I am still very much dedicated to continuing with my presence here.

Anyway, this is just a short post to provide what I promised. The site I’ve joined is so look out for me there! I’ll post links on here when I’ve written something there for anybody that might be interested in reading. Also, I’m planning on running a competition on here later this week that you may want to keep an eye out for. It’ll involve winning a 4 month Xbox Live Gold membership.

Oh and before I finish, did I mention that I’m excited? I think I did…


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