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E3 2012: Christmas is Coming (For Gamers).

Next week is the busiest week for the gaming industry as E3 arrives, bringing with it a whole load of announcements, trailers for upcoming releases and new hardware being showcased. It’s a period full of excitement whether you’re in the crowd or sat at home watching live streams and munching cookies at the same time (excellent use of multi-tasking if you are). Unfortunately, I won’t be attending the event as it’s across the Atlantic and I’m not part of the press (sob). However, I will be glued to live streams, that always freeze and crash every year, and absorbing all of the information as it trickles in.

Usually, come E3 time, I go crazy with posting to Twitter and discussing the announcements with other rabid gamers doing the same thing. I will be doing the same thing again next week, as well as posting to this blog. I’ll be discussing the main conferences themselves, as well as the announcements made during them and the trailers offered up for consumption. However, I’m not sure whether I’ll be writing about the Sony conference because, firstly, I don’t own a PS3 and secondly, the conference is at 2am GMT, which simply isn’t going to happen for me, just as it didn’t last year. I may catch the trailers the day after and discuss those but any talk about the conference itself may be delayed. However, the others will be watched and discussed as intended.

For those of you who live in the UK and want/need a schedule, along with links to watch live streams on, I’ve compiled the following list from information I’ve found on Twitter and various sites. All of the times are in GMT as the other time zone equivalents are easily found elsewhere online.

Monday 4th June 2012

Microsoft Press Conference – 5:30PM

Where to watch: 



EA Press Conference – 9:00PM

Where to watch:


Ubisoft Press Conference – 11:00PM

Where to watch:


Tuesday 5th June 2012

Sony Press Conference – 2:00AM

Where to watch:


Nintendo Press Conference – 5:00PM

Where to watch:


Those are the conferences I am aware of at present. I hope this post can serve as a guide for anybody in the UK who wishes to know the times and live stream locations without having to trawl through endless posts to find the accurate information.

Before I finish this post, I’ll make a few predictions as to what I think we’ll see in the three main conferences, or mainly just Nintendo and Microsoft. No doubt some of these will happen and some won’t. I’d be very interested in hearing your predictions as well.


  • A new Gears of War game has already been revealed, titled Judgement . I expect that it’ll be a prequel to the events before Gears of War 1, and that it’ll be much more of the same we come to expect from this series. I very much doubt they’ll radically move away from the cover-based action of the game and make it into an FPS or a strategy game. I suspect it’ll be penciled in for a Fall 2013 release.
  • No new hardware will be revealed. There have been whole loads of rumours from people expecting a new console to be unveiled but I highly doubt we’ll get it. In fact, I’m sure I have read somewhere that Microsoft have already denied any new hardware being announced this year. Next year is much more plausible but with big releases like the aforementioned Judgement and Halo 4 arriving, a 2013 announcement seems more likely.
  • More Kinect announcements/drivel that show us ‘what the hardware is truly capable of’, even though we’re fully aware.
  • Something involving Fable. It has to happen doesn’t it?
  • On the more hopeful side, I would love to see Left 4 Dead 3 being unveiled by Valve but I highly doubt it. Don’t even get me started on Half-Life, either.
  • Black Ops 2 gameplay opening the conference. In fact, this shouldn’t be a prediction but more of a ‘guaranteed to happen’ fact, probably along with some exclusivity announcement.


  • A huge focus on the Wii U. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody, given the fact it’s edging closer and closer to release and the increasing speculation on its capabilities and launch titles. As for a possible price announcement, I would estimate that Nintendo will price it at around £250-300. A Mario game will inevitably be announced for the launch, or at least close to it. If that happens and it ends up being Galaxy 3, I’ll explode with excitement.
  • A revised 3DS model with two analog pads. The release of the circle pad pro already made this speculated and for good reason. I’ll be very surprised if this doesn’t happen.
  • I would LOVE to see a remake of Majora’s Mask announced. Seriously, you would need a hose pipe to cool me down.
  • Possibly a way to connect the 3DS to the Wii U for certain gameplay elements, such as the way the PSP connected to the PS3.
  • Huge slides showcasing the increase in sales for the 3DS blah blah blah and what they expect from the future, in turn making us all groan for them to move on.
  • Some news on the Professor Layton 3DS title, hopefully releasing soon before I forget to keep checking.
As for Sony, I haven’t been keeping up with news relating to their world for a while so I’ll keep it brief, but I expect to see a Vita price cut, as well as a whole roster of games revealed for it. I don’t suspect we’ll see a Playstation 4, however, and the focus will likely be on the games and the Vita’s future. There have also been rumblings that Sony has acquired/is in the process of acquiring a cloud gaming service for announcement at E3. Who knows.
As for the others, expect plenty of Assassins Creed 3, Dead Space 3, possibly Saints Row 4 and maybe more information on the new Rainbow Six title.
Anyway, I’ll conclude this post here by saying I hope anybody reading this from the UK is making the most out of the extended Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend! What a perfect time to have E3, right?

4 thoughts on “E3 2012: Christmas is Coming (For Gamers).

    • Even though a lot of the announcements will ultimately be expected or ‘boring’, it is still a very enjoyable experience for anybody interested in gaming. I’m sad that I won’t be there in person but the beauty of the internet means that I can still get in on the fun from home!

  1. Really helpful article, well done. I can’t wait for E3. Last year was a bit of a let down so i’m hoping they can really give us some suprises this year.

    • Thank you. Every E3 always seems to fail in some aspect or another but last year was a mixed bag for sure. I think Nintendo may steal the winner’s crown this year due to the fact they have new hardware to show off, whilst MS and possibly Sony will just focus on games we pretty much already know about.

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