I’ve Been Nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award!

Imagine my surprise this afternoon when I was informed that I had been nominated for a versatile blogger award. There are few times when I am rendered incapable of speech but this was one of those times. The lovely person who nominated me is Emily over at think that somebody considers my writing to be of such a good standard as to nominate me for such an award is astounding. My level of gratitude and appreciation have literally cracked the pressure meter. I have placed the award image on my blog and I’ll gladly wear it with pride!

As per the VBA rules, I shall post seven facts about myself. Bear in mind that I’m not a person that talks about myself that easily, however!

1 – I love writing. From a very young age, I have been writing all manner of things, from fantasy stories to newspaper reports and now blogging. It’s been with me for as long as I can remember and I would be truly lost without it. All of the above pieces that I’ve written over the years have long since been lost due to them being written with a pen and paper (I know, ancient!) but they serve as a reminder of how long I’ve been at this.

2 – I’m not the most outgoing of people and I never have been. I’m the kind of person to be reserved and socially inexperienced. It’s not that I don’t want to be a social whiz, it’s just that I find it difficult to fully trust people and their motives due to endless disappointment in the past. I like to think that I’m easy to get along with once you know me, though!

3 – I spent a great portion of my life thinking that I wanted to become a foreign languages teacher in the future. I studied French at high school and I was rather good at it if I do say so myself. I no longer carry any of these desires but I can still muster up a good french sentence or two every so often!

4 – I have yet to study at college or university. I definitely want to in the future but I didn’t go when I had the chance a few years ago because I completely screwed up my final year at high school with prolonged absences and lack of enthusiasm. It tarnished my desire to attend college straight after as I believed I would commit the same mistakes again and there would be no going back from that. I lost out on a few grades because of this but the ones that I continued on to take were all passed.

5 – I’m something of a technology addict. I would be seriously lost without my laptop, my phone and the other gizmos I have lying around. They’re like a third arm to me – one that usually does most of the work!

6 – You may have already read about my desires to become involved in the Journalism sector but in case you haven’t, there you go. I know that journalists are required to have somewhat of an ability to easily communicate with others, which is something I struggle with as I mentioned earlier. Still, if I knew I had to be more outgoing if my career depended on it, you can sure bet I’d make good of it regardless! Nevertheless, I would love to get involved in this career. I already love writing the way I do now. If you want to hire me to do it, I would love that even more!

7 – I watch TV as much as I breathe air, which is probably evident from the amount of times I blog about it. The TV industry is a wonderful platform for creative, engrossing material that can make you feel so many emotions with such ease. There’s a constant stream of writable material to look over every week and there are so many good shows out there that it’s hard to resist. I don’t even try anymore as I’ll always fail!

As I have been given this award, so shall I spread the cheer to some others! I don’t actually follow an awful lot of blogs, surprisingly, so I would find it extremely difficult to find 15 worthy blogs to nominate. I will try my best, though!

1 – John

Consistently excellently written pieces and reviews regarding various aspects of the gaming industry!

I saw the home page full of Game of Thrones pieces and then I knew I had to. A great writer with lots of talent!
Frequent and extremely well written pieces on various TV episodes. A definite recommended read.
4 – Voice of a Citizen
Although I don’t get involved with politics nearly as much as I probably should, the quality of writing is exceptional and brimming with talent on this blog.
5 – ‘Not a Teen Anymore’
Such a nice person with an easy-to-read writing style and plenty of opinions to share!
6 – RCGale
Plenty of material to read there with a vibrant and interesting writing style to boot!
7 – Mortar and Pistol
I read their material the instant it is posted with no regrets. The quality of writing and dedication over there goes beyond the call of duty. One to follow for sure.
8 – TVHappyPlace
Every night, I get a small guide as to what TV I should watch courtesy of this blog. For TV fanatics, you should/must follow this one!
9 – TVSurveillance
There are some fantastically well-written pieces on here that provoke thought and explore concepts regarding TV you probably hadn’t even thought of. A definite recommendation.
So there you go. I am extremely honoured that somebody has read my material and thought it worthy of nominating me for this so I shall be high on the excitement from this for a while to come. Writing these things is an immense pleasure to me so if others are enjoying what I write, that’s just amazing. The concept of the VBA is fantastic as it allows otherwise ordinary bloggers to get some degree of recognition from others. There’s so much hate in the world that sharing the enjoyment is wholly recommended.
You can find all the details regarding the Versatile Blogger Award on the following link

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