It feels strange to be writing this less than a month after I hit 500 views but my view count has increased exponentially in the last few weeks (I had over 100 hits yesterday – a definite new record!) and I’m now teetering on the edge of a four-figure number of views. I’ve spent a rather substantial amount of time planning what I’m going to write next, writing it and communicating with other bloggers here on WordPress and I’m finally beginning to feel as though it’s paid off.

Anybody who has read the post I made about wanting to get into Journalism will be aware that is the path I very much wish to proceed down. I would simply love to continue writing about games, TV etc. the way I currently do but for a larger audience, with the chance to improve and connect with more people than I can here. Until that day ever arrives, I am going to continue doing what I’m doing here and I will also continue to enjoy it.

Now, for a little bit about WordPress itself. Before I created this blog back in November of last year, I was certain that I would be choosing blogspot as a host, as I already had previous experience with them from a blogging attempt many years prior. However, I saw somebody on my Twitter feed using WordPress and I thought that it might not be a bad idea to ditch the old, that contributed to me failing at blogging in the first place, and try the new. Turns out that choosing WordPress was a very good decision.

WordPress makes the discovery of other blogs, the sharing of that content and the communication between bloggers extremely easy. I have no doubt that it’s contributed significantly to my page getting this amount of views to date. For example, I can simply type in a tag on the topics page and find an entire stream of blogs related to that tag. Blogs I follow show up in an easy, concise list. The freshly pressed page allows for rapid discovery of excellently written and inspiring content. The blogosphere is teeming with creative people who write pieces of work that rival those of published writers and locating those pieces couldn’t be any easier.

Many people have read what I’ve written, whether they got here by WordPress’ ease of use or via a search engine, and that is what will continue to drive me to work forward with this page. My most frequent visitor, who has left numerous comments across various posts that I’ve made, appears to be (they also have a great blog going on) and for that, I am obviously extremely grateful. Not just to them, but for everybody who has read what I’ve written, even if they haven’t commented on it afterwards. Writing something that nobody will read is a pointless exercise. Writing something that’s read by somebody at least once makes the whole thing worthwhile.

To conclude: I hope that when I reach a five-figure view count (which probably won’t be for a long time yet!), I do so with some significant progression towards my career path under my belt. I have a few ideas in mind as to how I can go about gaining experience within the field, as well as continuously looking to go back to college and possibly university afterwards. The road will be long and will probably get tiring at frequent uphill sections, but the reward at the end will make the journey worth the effort.


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