A Week in TV / A Week in TV - March 2012

A Week in TV (26th March – 1st April 2012)

Happy April folks! I won’t play any April Fools pranks as I’m pretty sure you’ll all have been tortured to hell and back with them today. Instead, I’m going to proclaim something happening today that is neither joke nor false: Game of Thrones is back! This fine, exquisitely made piece of drama is back tonight in the US and although I won’t be watching it until tomorrow, I am so far beyond hyped that the realm of normality is but a blip on the horizon. If you don’t hear anything on this blog from me about it, you may want to send out a search party as nothing short of a meteorite crashing down on me will stop me from doing just that. Or something less extravagant, like an internet outage…

Anyway, moving on to the actual post.

The Good Wife – Blue Ribbon Panel 

First off, no, this episode does not refer to a biscuit tasting ceremony of any kind. It is recommended that you do not have that idea in your head.

This week, the war raging inside Lockhart/Gardner for who takes the position of a named partner grinds to a conclusion and the victor is someone you will not expect. Elsewhere, Alicia continues her quest to purchase the family home she and her children used to live in before Peter’s incongruous behavior. It doesn’t go well until a mysterious ‘Florrick’ places down the cash and Alicia is awarded the home. ‘There are only two Florricks’, says Alicia. Wrong is she. Mother-in-law from hell Jackie is the one putting her money down and Alicia is NOT happy, leading to a tantalizing cliffhanger whereby you don’t see whether Alicia lays the smack-down on Ms Florrick or puts her through the salon window.

The main focus of this episode is Alicia’s escapades in a ‘Blue Ribbon Panel’, investigating a police shooting with other judges, who we’ve seen before, and a certain Mike Kresteva. Kresteva is played by none other than Matthew Perry, who a lot of people will be familiar with from his time on Friends. I’ve said it before but one of the best things about The Good Wife is its cast, whether they be the main cast, guest stars or simply recurring. Once again, TGW has got it absolutely right when they hired Matthew Perry in this role; He pulls off the part of being Alicia’s ‘nemesis’ with wonderful ease and precision. At the end, when they come face to face, I could almost feel the tension emerging from the screen and slapping me in the face. A job very well done.

As always, The Good Wife delivered yet another excellent episode. The show remains one of the most consistently well written and acted shows currently on television Even on a slow week, it is still much better than a lot of the competition out there. Thankfully it has already been renewed as we are nearing the end of the current season. It’s a lot better to watch what is remaining without fear that there will be no more proceeding it.

Castle – 47 Seconds 

The penny has been floating in the air all season and now it has finally landed with a very loud ‘clink’; Castle knows that Beckett knows that he proclaimed his love for her whilst she lay bleeding on the ground. And he’s not happy. He’s angry with her for lying and the episode ends with those feelings remaining. However, that being said, it appears more and more likely that a hook-up is going to occur very soon, possibly in the remainder of this season (also, the working title for the finale furthers that theory). It’s obvious that Castle’s work on Beckett’s mother’s death is going to arise and become another obstacle between the two but they have to get together at some point. Not just to please the many thousands of supporters (me included) but also from a story perspective. You can see it in their eyes whenever they’re in the company of each other – they want it to happen as much as we do. Continuing with that hanging in the air will not be advantageous.

Anyway, the plot of this episode focused on a bomb explosion at a protest rally, killing five and wounding others. It is quickly deduced that the process of planting the device and consequently detonating it could only have happened within a 47 second time frame, and thus the unravelling of those missing 47 seconds becomes the bulk of the episode.

As I’ve said previously, the weeks when Castle strays from normality, even just by a few degrees, are when it shines. A previous example would be Cops & Robbers, when Richard is trapped in the bank with robbers. A general ‘murder of the week’ is fine on most occasions but it certainly doesn’t hurt to move on a different trajectory every once in a while. The end result is, like this week was, fantastic. 

The Vampire Diaries – The Murder of One

Here we go again. A weapon has been found that is able to kill Klaus and his fellow originals. Wonderful, you say? That it sure is. Oh, but look, big bad Klaus has destroyed that weapon again. Aww, that’s a shame. Oh but wait. One more stake has been saved. So a weapon still exists then!

Basically, if you repeat the above pattern ad infinitum, you have 80% of the entirety of season three already nailed down. The entire cycle is repeating itself so frequently that it’s come to a point where you KNOW that when the group stands a chance of killing Klaus, it will fail. Being able to so easily predict a plot point is never a good thing. I really wish the writers would make a decision as to whether they actually want to write Klaus and his family out of the story. It’s quite clear to me that they are reluctant to do that, based on how many ways they have him escape his fate (usually in preposterous manners) but it’s still a problem. We know that he is this big, evil villain that is seemingly indestructible and can kill all of our ‘heroes’ with a mere snap of his fingers. We know that, despite this epitomization of evil, weapons still exist that can kill him stone dead. I know that these sorts of events are usually reserved for season finales but it is at the point now where I don’t even care. I don’t particularly dislike Klaus or his family but this revolving plot is not doing anything for my liking of them.

Another problem is the customary use of magic to solve any and every problematic plot development that may arise. For example, this week, the linking of all of the originals was obviously an issue to the writers’ undying love for everything Klaus. They wanted to kill off one of them but didn’t want to have Klaus disintegrate as well. Hey presto, with a bit of magic, the chain is unbound! It’s lazy and has been used one too many times as a get-out clause for a plot development that cannot ostensibly be worked around. I genuinely believe that Bonnie’s spell book has a spell for everything, raising God if need be.

I do love this show, which may not seem clear from what I have just said, but season three has rapidly descended into a rinse, repeat cycle. It has had, and continues to have, moments where it’s inner core begin to bleed through but these moments are being masked by a revolving plot. We’re not far from the end now so at least there is some light at the end of the tunnel for ending the tedium of ‘Let’s Kill Klaus’ but so far, this season doesn’t come close to season two.

Plus, where the hell is Katherine? She is, by far, one of the best things about this show and she has been sorely absent for such a long time now. 

Nikita – Power

Oh Nikita, your brilliance sure does shine luminescent when it wants to.

This week was somewhat of a game-changer in the world of Nikita; Zetrov has not fallen into the hands of the enemy after all. Percy is back in charge at Division. Amanda and her Russian play-thing are on the run and being hunted by parties who want them dead, though in the possession of a black box. One thing I love about this show is that it’s not afraid to suddenly change up the entire story on a moment’s whim, regardless of whether it’s a season finale or not. It keeps us on our toes and if this can happen in a regular episode, lord knows what’ll occur in the actual finale.

Another thing this week – the fight between Amanda and Nikita. It’s been brewing for a very long time and although it was short, it was oh so very sweet. It’s interesting that Amanda, usually a figurine for absolute evil, still has a ‘human’ side to her character, as evident by her sudden inability to execute Nikita on the spot as she very well could have. The best villains usually do have a more emotional side to their character instead of just being devious at each turn.

I don’t know where the rest of this season is heading (like I said, it changes its tactics very frequently) but one thing I do know is that I will be distraught if a third season does not arrive. After a rocky start to the second season, Nikita is a show that is wholly deserving of another run and should The CW destroy those chances, you can be sure to hear a lot of venomous words from me.


So, that’s the end of another Week in TV post. On another note, I am considering dropping The Secret Circle from my weekly viewing habits. I’m nowhere near as interested in it as earlier in the season and it seems like they pick story threads from thin air and crush them just as quickly. I already watch a lot of shows as it is and one that isn’t satisfying me as much as the others can easily be abandoned. I make my choice of TV shows sound like I’m running a vigorous military camp!




2 thoughts on “A Week in TV (26th March – 1st April 2012)

  1. Talk about having fun reading reviews for shows! Reading these actually made me want to watch some of these shows! Two that I was hoping to see pop up was a show called Fringe as well as one called Awake. I don’t know if you’ve heard of either of these, but Fringe is amazing and Awake is proving to be fairly ok. It’s really new, but so far it’s pretty interesting. I’m actually itching to watch Castle now because of you. Look what you did! lol Great blog keep it up! I look forward to more 🙂

    • Thank you!

      I’ve been an avid fan of Fringe for many years now. I’ve mentioned it on previous Week in TV posts I’ve made. It’s a wonderful show that doesn’t get the ratings it deserves, unfortunately. Still, it’s more creative than most of the shows out there.

      I watched the first four episodes of Awake and it’s a great show but I had to stop watching it; It’s getting horrible ratings and it’s most definitely going to get cancelled. I hate to get attached to a show and it’s characters, only to have them ripped from me.

      You should watch Castle. It’s an extremely fun show with equally fun characters. 🙂

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