Spreading the Word – Kony 2012

I saw many people mentioning this ‘Kony’ character on my Twitter feed last night but I had no idea who he was until I watched the following video. It’s quite long at nearly thirty minutes but I’d say it’s worth watching, if only to educate yourselves on the problems plaguing countries other than your own.

It’s quite a thought-provoking video in many aspects and it seems to be spreading like wildfire across the internet. The video had barely 22,000 views when I watched it last night and now it has over 150,000. Given the power, reach and connectivity of the internet these days, I’m sure it will reach a LOT more over time.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this video on here. I know this blog doesn’t have a massive audience but people do come here so that makes it worthwhile. You can get involved with the campaign or you may choose not to, but it’s good to at least know who this man is and the sheer number of atrocities he has committed over the years (decades, in fact).


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