TV Renewals/Cancellations – My Guesses.

So, that time of the year is approaching where the TV fans start to get shaky as their favourite shows either get renewed or cancelled into death. It can be a pretty traumatic time of year for the typical hardcore TV fanatic, such as myself, so please be sympathetic :P. Anyway, I was thinking about this before I went to bed last night (Yes, I regularly do that) so I thought I’d do a blog about my guesses about what will be renewed and cancelled.  These are just shows I watch (and I will focus more on new shows) and maybe a few others, and for some of the cases, they will be un-educated guesses as I am still not overly familiar with the US ratings system, though I do understand the basics and what is succeeding and what isn’t. 


The show isn’t, and has not been doing, particularly well in the ratings for a few weeks now and I don’t think it will be renewed. From a personal viewpoint, the first two episodes were good and showed significant promise but things quickly deteriorated from there. The cast, in all honesty, are un-interesting and the format that the show chooses to have is detrimental to its quality. I enjoyed the main story but after several episodes of chasing yet another dangerous lunatic from the prison, it came to me that waiting for this story to be fleshed out was not worth having to sit through episode after episode of roughly the same thing. Now, with its ratings poor, I can’t see a decent conclusion to this main story being produced before its cancellation, should that happen, which is another reason I don’t intend on returning to it. 


Terra Nova wasn’t getting spectacular viewing figures before it concluded, but with Alcatraz, House and probably The Finder all already cancelled (House) or looking that way, I believe it may scrape through to a second season. It’s entirely possible that it won’t but if I was a betting man, I’d put a little money on it getting renewed. There is the fact of how expensive it is to consider but regardless, I think a second season may happen. If its ratings do not improve beyond that, however, then I very much doubt a third season would happen.


There really shouldn’t be any doubt that New Girl will get renewed to a second season. Its ratings and popularity have been extremely good across the board and there should be absolutely no reason not to renew it. You may or may not like it due to its ‘marmite-ish’ nature but you can’t argue with its success. 


It’s no secret that Ringer hasn’t been an overwhelming success no matter which way you look at it and its recent viewing figures go to prove that. In fact, of the new CW shows this season, I would say that Ringer is the one in most danger of being cancelled. I’ve said before, on this blog, that the show is nothing special at all and it would seem that others would agree. Bye bye Ringer, but please Sarah Michelle Gellar, come back to our screens sooner rather than later. 


I would eat my left foot if Revenge wasn’t renewed. It is a widely popular show that, I think, exceeded a lot of people’s expectations and regularly pulls in respectable viewing figures. I have no doubt that it’ll get a second season, though what they do with it is another question. Will it be a whole new story and cast or a continuation of the current one? Either way, I’ll be extremely glad when it is renewed. 


For a CW show, TSC doesn’t pull in massive figures nor does it bring in horrific ones either. I doubt that they will cancel it or move it around into another timeslot. Pairing it with The Vampire Diaries seems like a good enough fit and needn’t be tinkered with. Quality wise, it could be better but I’ve seen a lot worse. 


Person of Interest didn’t pull in impressive figures when it premiered but recently, it seems to have improved on that, along with its quality. For that reason, I believe that CBS will renew it, which I am glad for. It seems to be doing extremely well in its current slot so renewing it and leaving it be would be my choice. On a side-note, I really don’t know what has happened to make this show so much better in recent weeks. In my opinion, it’s like the calibre of writing has improved so suddenly and drastically. I’m not complaining and I’ll gladly take any and all PoI they choose to send my way!


As much as it pains me to say those words, I don’t think Nikita will be renewed for a third season. I love the show and would be overjoyed to see it renewed, but I just don’t believe the CW will go for it. Its ratings aren’t brilliant but I’ve heard that it does well internationally and in other areas, which I don’t know is true or not, which may go in its favour. However, if I had a spare note to throw down on it, I would, unfortunately, guess that it will be cancelled. If it does get renewed, however, expect many fist-pumps in the air. 


Try as I might, I can’t think what Fox will do with Fringe. Will they just cancel it altogether and let the season four finale serve as the series finale? Renew it for a fifth, and final, season, albeit shorter (as rumors would have it)? I sincerely hope it does get renewed for a final season, as it would let the writers flesh out a decent and satisfying conclusion rather than forcing one out at the end of season four, but I think it can go either way. I suppose, if I had a gun to my head and had to say, definitively, what I thought would happen to it, I would say cancelled, unfortunately. We were fortunate enough to get a fourth season and a fifth may be out of the realm of possibility. 


I had to mention this show because if it got cancelled, I would be enraged. Actually enraged. This show is far, far too good to be cancelled now and I thoroughly believe it’ll get a fourth season, even if the ratings aren’t massive. The prestige that the show gets should also work in its favour. The quality of the writing, cast and stories on this show is what makes it what it is. It would be an absolute travesty to get rid of it when it’s consistently so good. 


I don’t think many people, me included, imagined that this show would be half as popular as it is. Its ratings are acceptable for the timeslot and day it’s on so I see no reason not to renew it. That’s about all that needs to be said, really. 

Here are some guesses of other shows, some that I stopped watching a while ago and others that I still do. 




LAW AND ORDER: SVU – RENEWED (and this better happen or I’ll be very sad)


VAMPIRE DIARIES – RENEWED (probably the safest show on The CW)





TOUCH – RENEWED (though the possibility exists that it may fail in the ratings)


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