A Week in TV / A Week in TV - February 2012

A Week in TV (20th-26th February 2012)

These posts are something I aim to do every week, summarizing an entire week’s worth of TV. They may not happen every week due to any unforeseen circumstances, but that is my aim. 🙂

Castle – Linchpin 

This week’s episode was the second of a two-part event, which Castle seems to have one of in each season. I always look forward to these because the tension and the drama are increased ten-fold, and they also usually involve Castle and Beckett being put in life-threatening situations, such as when they nearly froze to death in an earlier season; We always know they’re going to get out of it safe and sound, but it’s seeing how that is great viewing. Anyway, this time around was probably the weaker when compared with previous offerings, but it was still a great episode regardless. I have to say, however, that I prefer the episodes that don’t involve plots that will destroy the world or cripple the government as we know it. Castle is a show that works better without huge plots like that and besides, it seems a little far-fetched to have these two people, one of which isn’t even a detective, saving the entire country, like they did in an earlier season when they defused a nuclear device in the city. I enjoy these episodes because of the drama they bring, but I prefer the more realistic of cases.

Ringer – Whores Don’t Make That Much

Ah, Ringer. The only reason I have yet to stop watching this inconsistent, often ludicrous, show is my everlasting devotion to Sarah Michelle Gellar. If not for her involvement, I would have jumped ship by now. Along with another inexplicably long episode title, not much has changed since the last episode. Or the one before that. It doesn’t feel like this show is going anywhere anytime soon, and some of the characters (cough, Henry) are still idiots. Also, some of the plots seem to have been entirely forgotten about, such as Siobhan/Bridget losing her baby. It is never even mentioned anymore which seems bizarre to me as it’s hardly something you’d forget about so quickly.

Anyway, it seems unlikely that Ringer is going to get a second season, given how poor its ratings have been, so I see no problem with sticking with it till the end. My only hope is that Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn’t abandon TV again when it disappears from our screens.

Law and Order: SVU – Hunting Ground

Another week goes by and I become ever more fond of the new blood they introduced this season, along with the old-timers of course. I do love Christopher Meloni but I feel that his departure from the show has done something that was needed several seasons ago – breathed new life into the ailing beast. These new characters have depth and are interesting, and the quality of the writing seems to have improved, also. This week was another tense, interesting, episode with a good story to concentrate on. There isn’t much else to say regarding it because I have been extremely impressed with this season so far. Seasons eleven and twelve weren’t exactly highlights (although not terrible, either) so this sudden surge in quality, both in writing and acting, is very welcome. There’s still life left in this behemoth, yet!

Person of Interest – Risk

This show is going from strength to strength in recent weeks. It premiered as nothing special, bordering on dull, but has really upped its game since it went on a break over Christmas. The stories are better, the characters seem better and everything is enjoyable, now. This week, compared to the last two, wasn’t brilliant (probably because the Wall Street environment that took prominence always passes me by) but I now look forward to watching it every week. There are some intriguing story arcs that appear every so often, such as Elijah who appeared this week, that were sorely absent at the beginning of the season. One of my biggest issues with the show was that there were no underlying plots to carry forward, but that seems to have been addressed now.

Another solid episode and with the surge in ratings this show has been getting recently, I think we can assume we will be getting a second season which pleases me greatly.

Fringe – The End of All Things

I was looking forward to this episode all week, due to the heavily hyped ‘answers’ that we would be getting, particularly regarding the ever mysterious Observers. Whilst we did get some explanations as to what these guys actually are, I didn’t find it as ‘breathtaking’ as I was expecting it to be. That is most likely own fault, though.

Anyway, the actual episode was nothing out of the ordinary for Fringe and, once again, reiterated why it is that I like this show so much. Things have been different this season, due to the new timeline and different characters, but I have enjoyed seeing the dynamics of the people we’ve watched for years suddenly change. I have no idea where this season is heading, which is a good thing, but I do not expect a full-season renewal at the end of it. There are rumours of a final, shorter, season five which I hope will come to fruition, but I am not riding all my hopes on it. Until that day comes, however, I will continue to enjoy Fringe for what it is – top class sci-fi!


So, that’s it for this week. There are quite a few shows missing due to the fact they weren’t on this week, or I just haven’t watched them yet (New Girl). Like I said, I aim to do these every week but I may miss it every now and then if I haven’t found time to watch everything. Staying up to date with so many shows can be a laborious process!

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