So This is Christmas…

Hello people!

Well, as you have no doubt already gathered, the three best days of the year have been, gone and are already sorely missed. This blog post is just a description of what I, and my family, did on these days and you’ll either want to read it or you’ll be bored to death by it. Make of that what you will!

Anyway, I have to start by saying that I love Christmas; I always have and it is quite possible that I always will. There is something quite special, several things actually, about this time of the year that never fails to put a great big smile on my face. The fact that it brings people together, even if it’s just once in the entire year, makes the holiday season worth celebrating. I may be 20 years old and I have been told countless times that the novelty wears off as you get older, but I am clearly an exception to that rule. Granted, I don’t get so excited that I can’t sleep anymore, but there is still that feeling of overwhelming joy and celebration that I’m not likely to shake off anytime soon. If I’m still around when I’m 70, I can see myself still being as glad of Christmas as I am now.

Now then, as is the case every year, I can never quite determine whether I like Christmas Eve more than the actual occasion, or not. This year was no different. I had a few more things I wanted to pick up in the morning so I went shopping with my mum. We also went the previous day and there was so many people that it would have been a pickpocket’s dream come true. I expected the same amount of bedlam, but there was actually less people, though still crowded. It’s chaotic and it sometimes feels like you’re fighting World War 3 as you battle for that last turkey, but I cannot get enough of that ‘buzz’ that’s present during the busy Christmas shopping period. I may be strange that way, but I generally don’t fit the pattern of most things so why should this be any different?

The plan for Christmas Eve was to go shopping and make mince pies in the afternoon before having pizza in the evening, accompanied by Christmas films and TV. That all went to plan, although the mince pies that we made weren’t exactly how I expected them to be.

For a start, the pastry was far too hard; it feels like you’re biting into cardboard. Plus, as you can see above, I went completely overboard with the icing sugar so it feels like you’re taking in several pounds of cocaine when you eat one. They were supposed to have star shapes on the top but we didn’t have a star shaped pastry cutter and the shops around here are so poor that you can’t even find one of these. Heck, I had to order from Amazon when I wanted one for Halloween. Nobody, except me, seems to even enjoy eating them because most of them are still in the fridge. I don’t think I’ll bother making them again next year, although the baking on Christmas Eve part is definitely something I’ll be doing again in future.

Disappointing mince pies aside, Christmas Eve was a pretty good day. We aren’t fans of having huge family gatherings as, to be perfectly honest, 90% of my family outside of this house aren’t even worth calling that. Therefore, we usually stay in and stay together at Christmas and this year was no different. We watched The Grinch, which I haven’t seen since I was a child (and I had NO idea that Christine Baranski of the The Good Wife was in this movie), which is a fantastic Christmas film but I can’t say it’s one of my favourites. We also watched Miracle on 34th Street (the 1994 version) which I absolutely adore, though I didn’t hear most of the dialogue because my family have a complete inability to keep quiet for more than ten seconds when I’m trying to watch something. That film is quite special for a multitude of reasons and Richard Attenborough was fantastic. I had seen the film before but it was obviously such a long time ago as I didn’t remember hardly any of it.

During the day we also put the presents under the tree, of which there were MANY. Honestly, there were probably too many under the tree this year but there are five people in this house, including me, so they weren’t all mine. 

(You can tell which presents were bought by me as the wrapping is tidier and I used bows to make them look prettier :P)

Seeing all the presents sitting underneath the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve is a sight that I never get tired of seeing each year. It’s such a shame that all that work and paper that goes into wrapping presents gets tossed into the trash so easily on Christmas Day. Ah who am I kidding, it’s only paper!

Now we get to Christmas Day. I felt sick as a dog the night before, due to eating too much no doubt, so I slept soundly until I got woken abruptly at 7:30. Ah, the joys of living with children. The next hour consisted of the living room gradually becoming a maze of Christmas paper, empty boxes and a dog and a cat dodging the next flying box as it came hurtling to the floor. We don’t even bother having breakfast on Christmas day as who wants to eat when you have all those gifts to unwrap? Anyway, Santa was extremely good to me this year as this was what I got.

This is more stuff than what I could’ve hoped for so I am extremely grateful. Some of the gifts were sent to me from a dear friend, including the SVU book and the Doctor Who encyclopedia (both shows I adore), as well as a T-shirt with Lady GaGa on the front. I am wearing it now and I actually love it, strangely.

This same friend also sent me a box of rather peculiar chocolates that I opened several days before Christmas.

As you can see, I received several games for Christmas that I am very eager to write about on this blog. I will say that both Saints Row and Assassins Creed are excellent games in their own rights, but Duke Nukem is something else entirely. You’ll see what I mean when I write about it. Other than that, I have a mountain of DVDs to get through, books to read and chocolates to eat; One will turn my eyes square, another will educate me, perhaps, and the last one will make my dentist hate me when I next go to see him. A typical Christmas.

The festive season also brings the requirement to eat yourself into a coma, which I very nearly did. My Christmas dinner looked like this:

There are no brussel sprouts as I literally cannot eat them without wanting to vomit. I can eat nearly all vegetables but I take an exception to those. I had a bad experience as a child, whereby I eat one and vomited onto the plate, which probably contributes to my hatred for them. Regardless, this plate of food is more than enough in itself but of course, it being Christmas and all, it was followed up with cake, chocolates, alcohol and more chocolates. I don’t know how I didn’t want to be sick by the end of the night but I am clearly more tolerant of these things than I thought.

The rest of the night consisted of what it usually does: TV. Once again, the wonderful Doctor Who was on TV and we sat down to watch it. I’ll be honest – I haven’t been a big fan of the Christmas specials since Matt Smith took over. It’s not that they’re terrible, it’s just that I can’t seem to get fully interested in them. By the time that they’re on on Christmas Day, I’m exhausted, and having to follow the plot becomes extremely tiresome. I even fell asleep during the 2010 special. I did think that this year was an improvement on last, however, and the final scene with the Doctor shedding a tear invoked an extra-ordinary amount of emotion in me. I love that show far too much.

The rest of the Christmas Day TV entailed the typical dose of depressing soaps where everybody yells at each other, fires are started, people are killed, babies are born and marriages are dissolved. Honestly, if somebody doesn’t die at Christmas during any soap, it’ll be a miracle. The rest of my family sat down to watch the Inbetweeners movie after this but I went to bed as the show does nothing for me whatsoever.

Boxing day is probably the most relaxing and calm day of the festive period; the food is cooked and eaten, the presents are bought and given and there is not much else to be concerned about. I pretty much spent the entire day playing the games I received, mainly Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7, which are wonderful games entirely. I also had my first one of the following, which I usually have before Boxing Day every year:

Boxing Day also featured the first argument of the festive period. I was beginning to think that one might not happen this year and that the tradition may finally be broken, but there is a greater chance of our cat growing wings and flying to Peru than there is of my family being civil to each other for three days of the year. As per usual, the things they argued about were inane and pathetic and it was all forgotten about after an hour or so. Other than that, there isn’t much else for me to talk about as Boxing Day is never anything special for us.

So, that is my Christmas. I had a great one and I hope everybody else did as well! Before I finish off, I will say that I have several blog posts planned. I want to talk about the games I received above, probably individually, as well as a list of my favorite new TV shows of this season. I have so many things I want to talk about in regards to those that I cannot pass up the opportunity. Plus, we’re nearly in 2012 and I fully intend to continue on with this blogging malarky. I enjoy doing it so much! 🙂


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