Where art thou?

Just a very quick blog update.

I haven’t posted anything since last Saturday and I don’t like to leave it for too long without any activity. We’re in December now, meaning Christmas is right around the corner, and most, if not all, of the TV shows I watch are having their fall finales and won’t be back until next year. Consequently, my recap activity is becoming somewhat limited and as a result, a void is being created on this blog. I will definitely have a Bones recap (if it is on this week) coming up on either Friday or Saturday and I plan on making a very long, split into several parts, Game of the Year list to be posted within the next three weeks.

I guess that what I am saying is that I will still be posting to this blog but maybe not as often as I would be. If you really want to hear me and my thoughts/rants/general gibberish, then you can follow me on Twitter and you’ll get a constant stream of it, 24 hours a day! You can find the link to my profile on the right hand side of the home page.

Until next time! 🙂

Edit: There may not be a Bones recap this week. I have notes and I have watched the episode, but I simply don’t feel in the mood for writing about it. It was a good episode, and David Boreanaz was fantastic, but I need to ‘feel’ like writing about something otherwise it won’t turn out good. 

Sorry 😦


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