The Ramblings of a Christmas-Obsessive.

I came across this question being asked a couple of days ago and thought I would make a post about it. The three big days of the year for Christmas lovers like myself are always a joyful, excitable period of the year but when you think of it, do you really prefer the day itself, the warm-up period or the after effects? For me, it’s probably an amalgam of the three.

One of the best things that I have always found about Christmas is the preparation beforehand. To some people, it may be the least enjoyable experience but in my case, less so. Buying presents for your friends and family can sometimes be stressful as you struggle to find the right gift for that specific someone, but the whole process of wrapping said gifts and handing them out on Christmas morning is all the more rewarding. Also, putting up the decorations and generally planning what your Christmas will be like is an experience that I have always loved and will probably love till the day I die. Whoever said that the novelty wears off as you age was most definitely wrong in my case!

When it actually gets to Christmas day itself, although it’s a great occasion, I always feel quite sad knowing that there are only 24 hours of it before it’s gone for another year. This is probably why, in hindsight, I prefer the period before Christmas as there are more days of it to experience, instead of a quick flash and then it’s gone. Believe me, I start Christmas EARLY, probably a lot earlier than most people!

Then comes boxing day, and I’m not really a massive fan of it to be honest, though I still enjoy it. You’ve spent the entire year waiting for Christmas; now it’s gone and Boxing Day is a big reminder of that. The sales start, the fun and games are over until the New Year and then January arrives and the daily routine returns to normal. It’s a big comedown from a several-week high, and I never enjoy the first month of the year because of it. I almost wish I didn’t like Christmas as much as I do so that I could avoid all of this every year.

Even though I’ve mentioned presents in this post and the feeling of joy in giving them out, that is not what the festive season is about, for me anyway. Yes, buying gifts and receiving them is always welcomed but it’s not necessary for me to enjoy the holidays; If everybody told me they weren’t buying me anything at Christmas, I would still have just as good a time as anybody else. The things that I look for are the family atmosphere, and the feeling of celebration all around me. I understand that not everybody looks forward to this time of year, for a whole swathe of reasons, but there are a lot of people who do and I’m obviously in this category.

The perfect Christmas experience is what you make it as we all have different preferences. In regards to the title of this post, I probably prefer the period before Christmas rather than the event itself and beyond. It can be hectic, stressful and tiring but it’s also exciting for me. Looking forward to the big day and planning ahead for it is exhilarating.

I have rambled so much in this post but it’s early-ish in the morning and I have nothing better to do anyway. You would probably get the impression that I really love Christmas from this post, and you aren’t wrong. My love of it has never wavered despite me getting older and it’s the time of the year that I cherish the most, above all others. 🙂


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