The Walking Dead – Chupacabra. Moving slower than a walker.

Previously on The Walking Dead: Shane had a sudden bout of psychosis and left poor Otis to become supper for a gang of walkers, Glen finally got Laurie a pregnancy kit amidst sex on the pharmacy floor and Andrea whined some more.

There. Now we have that out of the way, we can move on to this week’s instalment of our favourite zombie-thon. Not a lot happens this week, and with an increased number of episodes for this season, it’s hardly a surprise that things are moving at a much slower pace than last year. Anyway, this week, we have dear old vet-turned-surgeon Herschel getting pissed at our group of survivors for stealing horses, stealing his men or in the case of Glen, his daughter. He has a reason to be mad in the case of the horse, though, as it is taken out by Derryl as he looks for Sophia (best hide and seek player in the world) and never brings it back after an unfortunate accident with a snake that sends him soaring over the edge of a cliff. He survives that, gets one of his own arrows lodged in his back, starts having hallucinations of his brother, climbs all the way back up and then walks home without dropping dead like the average human being. The man is a machine! Of course, his luck would have to run out at some point and that comes in the form of Andrea, who thinks he is a walker approaching the farm and, after having her sniper scope blinded by a convenient glare of sunlight, consequently proceeds to shoot a bullet his way.

Now, on the topic of Andrea; this woman seems to spend every episode either looking like she’s been walloped with a wet fish or moaning about not being able to use a gun. Hopefully the fact that she nearly took the head off the one person who looks just as eternally miserable as she does will convince her to get a smile back on her face and stop being the character we want to be left in a room with the walker from last week that looked like John Prescott. Yes, she lost her sister and tried to blow herself up until kind old Dale stopped her, but the sooner she stops reminding all of us about this, the better.

Meanwhile, poor Glen is wondering why farm-girl (still can’t remember her name) doesn’t want to bonk him anymore. Perhaps the fact he always has puppy-dog eyes and barely looks legal contributes to it? Regardless, he gets his wish after a rather awkward dinner session when he agrees to meet her at the barn for more shenanigans in an inappropriate place. Where next, the bottom of that well from last week? It seems as though Glen has a strange phobia of beds. After this week, he will probably want to go back to that pharmacy floor when he discovers the barn is full of walkers.

Also this week: Shane continues to become an everlasting douche by suggesting that they should abandon the search for Sophia and focus on themselves. No doubt his idea was inspired by his decision to make Otis zombie food. That shaven head that he is now sporting is really doing a number on him. I suggest a wig. Also, Laurie spends the entire episode moping about being pregnant and by the end, she has still not told either prospective father about her impending bundle of joy. The sooner this happens, the better.

The story didn’t progress much this week, just as it didn’t last week. With an increased episode count, it’s no surprise that there is significantly more filler than last year and although the show is still incredibly tense and enjoyable, it needs to move a little faster. On the whole, it has been another good episode, even with Andrea’s sulky mush. 

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