Homeland – The Weekend. Never insult the tea a man drinks

So, this time last week, Carrie was adamant that Brody was the man she was hunting who was planning an attack on American soil. We have been getting various hints that he has been turned, and just as many to suggest that he has not. All of a sudden, she’s having quick sex with him in the back of a car before being outraged as he tricks his lie detector test. Phew, now we’re on to this week.

The action and suspense kind of take a backseat this week as Carrie and Brody spend the weekend (obvious title is obvious) in a cabin getting drunk, having more sex and being awkward. Meanwhile, back home, Brody’s daughter continues to act like a brat and falls through a pane glass window. The poor soul (the window, that is). Also suffering from a case of the unfortunates is Chris, who gets a haircut by his mother, who he still doesn’t recognise as Queen V (what is wrong with these people?!) and ends up having a mane exactly like hers.

Mr monotone voice himself, Saul, tracks down bad terrorist lady Aileen to Mexico and escorts her on a thirty hour trip in an attempt to get information from her. She doesn’t co-operate at first but I suspect that the reason she eventually does is because listening to Saul talk for thirty hours with that voice would have the same effect as anaesthetic. Anyway, she tells him that a guy spent an hour on her roof and unless he was counting the number of roof tiles for some strange habit, he is obviously a nefarious type and they deduce that said guy was an expert military sniper planning some form of attack. Cue the ‘Brody is a traitor’ alarm bells.

Back at the cabin, Carrie digs a hole for herself when she casually mentions the tea that Brody drinks; a fact she learned from her days of playing Big Brother with his house. Eventually, the facade drops and they face off against each other until Brody tells her that he hasn’t been turned, and to go fuck herself. As you do. The guys and girls at the CIA, and Saul, discover that the sniper on Aileen’s roof was none other than Walker, the fellow American soldier captured alongside Brody and allegedly killed. Well unless he’s returned as a poltergeist, that bit obviously never came to fruition. Carrie realises she has made a big mistake but her efforts at apologising to Brody are useless as he speeds off and leaves her crying by the road. That’s what you get for insulting the tea a man drinks!

Back to the land of the serious; this week’s episode was noticeably slower than what we have been given in previous weeks, but as usual, the tension and the quality have not wavered one bit. The character development was great this week, and the plot did go somewhere, even if it took a little longer to achieve. Homeland continues to be one of the best new shows of the season and it will be an incredible shame to see it finish in a couple of weeks times. Now, if these idiots could just realise that they’re all living around the Queen of the V’s herself, that would be great! 


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