Planned Posts


I plan to have my Modern Warfare 3 review finished and uploaded around Friday-ish and I am also going to start putting my heavy TV watching to use every week.I’m not going to review every episode of all shows that I watch during the week as I’d be writing till my fingers bled, but I will post a quick recap and opinion of each episode either once a week or twice – on Thursdays and Sundays. I’ll probably go for the twice a week option.

The shows that I watch are (bear in mind they are the day after the original US broadcast and I am in the UK, meaning the day after is when I get to watch them):

Mondays: The Walking Dead, The Good Wife, Homeland and Once Upon a Time

Tuesdays: Castle, House and Terra Nova (I may drop this one – very disappointing)

Wednesdays: Ringer, New Girl and Body of Proof

Thursdays: Revenge, Modern Family (when I catch up)

Fridays: The Secret Circle, Person of Interest and Bones

Saturdays: Nikita, Grimm and Fringe

Sundays: Nothing.

It’s quite a lot to write about, in reality, but it gives me something to do :). Also, I’d like to thank anyone that views my stuff, comments on it or subscribes to my blog (4 followers so far!). It is all very much appreciated!

EDIT: I have realised that doing 18 recaps/mini-reviews every week may become somewhat cumbersome so I will probably alternate with which shows I write about every week. I will still do at least 8-10 a week though, dependent on certain shows taking a hiatus etc. 

EDIT 2: After writing just two ‘quick recaps’, I now know that even 8-10 a week is way too much for lazy me to accomplish so I’ll probably just do 2-3 a week of random episodes from the shows above. 

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