The Sky’s the Limit

Well, what do you know? After spending so long deciding not to get Skyrim on release day and wait until Christmas, I lasted for all of three hours before succumbing and purchasing the game. I traded in four unwanted, and in the case of Crackdown 2, rubbish games and used a trade-in card that I already had, plus some money on a loyalty card to get the game. Let me tell you something; the game is amazing.

When I first got Oblivion five years ago, I was astounded at the scale and the scope of what there was to do. I genuinely never thought that I could get those feelings again but here I am, with Skyrim. What Bethesda have achieved here is something to truly be commended on. It looks as if they’ve made a game even more incredible and enormous than Oblivion, and for that, they have cemented themselves in the gaming hall of fame.

I won’t be writing a review of the game as I am about to start a Modern Warfare 3 review and I don’t think I’d do well with writing two at the same time, but I will post my impressions in a few days once I have had time to get used to it. That is, if I can actually play through it to a considerable length instead of standing still and gawping at the environment!


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