Y u no write Battlefield 3 review?

Considering I started this blog last week, and by that time Battlefield 3 was already out, I have not written a Battlefield 3 review and do not intend to. However, it is one of the biggest games of the year with a big following behind it, so for anybody that cares, I will post my thoughts on the game in the same format that I did with the Modern Warfare 3 impressions that I posted earlier.


– The multiplayer is undoubtedly the biggest attraction of the package and it does not fall short of what you would expect from a Battlefield game. The map selection is a robust offering with some maps that are genuinely enormous, such as Caspian Border and Operation Firestorm, and some that are smaller, more infantry based, such as Operation Metro and Seine Crossing. There is a fine balance between them, offering the players who love to commandeer vehicles the chance to pilot jets, choppers and tanks for the entire match, and the players who just want a match full of gun on gun action in cramped corridors and small environments. There is a negative to this that I will mention further on.

– There are a shed load more guns and equipment to be unlocked in Battlefield 3 than the Bad Company games, resulting in a massive amount of replayability to keep you coming back. On the subject of the guns; they are well balanced, sound fantastic (DICE always comes out on top in this area) and all have a wide selection of attachments to further your experience with them, including the typical red dot sights and ACOG scopes to infrared scopes and grenade launchers. It is an absolute joy to use 95% of the weapons on offer.

– The overall sense of team-work is not in abundance in this name. Believe me when I say this; if you do not work well as a team, you will not win the match. With the four different classes available, a team that works together and consists of a mix of these classes is going to find themselves very difficult to overcome. Some of the best, most fun, matches that I have played have been that way because of being a part of a well balanced team. This is what Battlefield has, and always will, be about and it has probably never been so apparent.

– The vehicular gameplay is as solid as ever, and is a wonderful part of an already fabulous experience. Tanks are driven and operated with such ease and fluidity, as are infantry vehicles and other ground level behemoths. Surprisingly, the jets are quite easy to control as well, once you get accustomed to them of course. Speaking of the jets; they are a truly fantastic addition to the multiplayer, and although it can be tricky to get into one before somebody else, you won’t want to leave it when you do.

– The graphics are of an acceptable standard for Xbox 360 players. You would be forgiven for being underwhelmed after reading so much hype about how it would have the best visuals ever, but with the HD texture pack installed, it looks just as pretty as Bad Company 2 did. The sound is, as ever, absolutely amazing and this is an area DICE never fail to excel in.


– As mentioned previously, although some of the enormous maps are a nice change from the smaller ones, they do pose issues occasionally. The particular example that I will use is Caspian Border. It looks great, has jets on it and when you first get on the map, you’re going to be thinking that you’ll be in for a great game. The problem is that it clearly shows that it was built with 64 players in mind. Yes, there is a lot of action around the objectives as you would expect, but beyond those areas, there is little to no activity to be seen. 24 players may seem like a high number but when you’re on a map of this size, regardless of how many vehicles it has, it feels empty and devoid of life for most of the time. If you’re on a squad that is useless, you’ll be spawning right back at the base and after a while, it begins to get tedious.

– Although the vehicles are sturdy and play well, the controls for the helicopters are of a complete mystery to me. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t spent a lot of time in them, but when I do get in one, I usually always end up tilting it in such a way that it ends up curled around a tree or face down in the dirt. The end result is that I tend to avoid piloting these things whenever I see them, as to avoid having it fill up with team-mates and then being solely responsible for flying them all to their deaths.

– The single player is incredibly boring, in my opinion. The plot is a paint-by-the-numbers terrorist story, with equally cookie cutter characters and no driving force behind it to make me want to come back to it. I have finished it but I do not intend to replay any of it anytime soon. It actually feels like it could have been a call of duty campaign and that is not something I was expecting, or wanting.

Those are some of my thoughts about the game and although it is no substitute for a review, it will be enough for me to be happy with. As for my future content; I have decided not to get Skyrim this week and will be, instead, getting it for christmas. It wasn’t an easy decision to make but I have so much to play, already, that adding another mammoth title on top wasn’t something I was comfortable with. After my Modern Warfare 3 review is up, I am not sure what my next review might be. I will keep anyone interested posted as I know it. 🙂

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