Modern Warfare 3 Impressions


I should probably have my review of MW3 finished by next week. This may sound like a long time to some people, but I spend quite a lot of time writing notes, writing the review and then editing it to kingdom come. I haven’t even started the notes yet so you can see how much time it’ll take me!

Anyway, I will post my initial impressions after spending most of today on the game. I have only played through two levels of the single-player and multiplayer for the rest of the time.


– The campaign, from what little I have played of it, is just like you’ve played before in the previous Modern Warfare games and that isn’t really a bad thing. The Black Ops campaign was deathly dull so it’s a welcome return to the action we’re all used to.

– The gun sounds are solid and just like they should be, in comparison to Black Ops’ pea shooter-ish sounds. Once again, there are a lot of weapons on offer; some are returning favourites, such as the MP5 and UMP45, and some are new to the series. Infinity Ward seem to have learned from their past mistakes by making shotguns primary weapons and toned them down a tad and there seems to be a fair amount of recoil on some guns, too.

– The new ‘weapon ranking’ system that is in multiplayer is a very nice addition and as that is the new way to unlock attachments for your weapons, you’ll be ranking your guns up all the time so it won’t become an obsolete feature.

– There are a vast amount of maps available and a lot of them are wide open arenas. Not all of them are, which is a good thing as the balance is important, but the ones that are don’t appear to be problematic.

– Theater mode is back! It would have been incredibly stupid of IW not to have brought back a feature so many people loved in Black Ops so I am more than glad they’ve brought it back.


– You’ve probably heard this many times before but MW3 really does look, and sometimes sound, exactly like MW2. To some, this may not be a problem but it makes it so that the game doesn’t really have an ‘identity’ for itself. In some respects, it feels like an extension of MW2 but it’s lucky that it plays considerably differently, in my opinion.

– Some of the killstreaks still feel over-powered. I was in a game earlier and someone got a chopper gunner (I’m not sure if this is what it’s called or not) and it felt like it was doing the same damage and chaos as it’s predecessor did in MW2. This is definitely NOT a good thing as, once again, it feels as though your efforts at gunning people down are redundant when somebody gets an aircraft in the sky and starts to lay waste to anything that moves.

– The menus are somewhat of a puzzle to navigate at first glance. I have no doubt that, with time, you will begin to learn them and they ultimately become synonymous with the menus of past CoD games, but it can be a little intimidating at first.

– It may be just me but it took me a while to get my head around the strike packages and how they work this time around. Basically, your usual killstreaks are in the assault category, with the UAVs and support killstreaks in the, aptly named, support category and then a specialist category which I still don’t know the purpose of yet. What confused me was that each class you have can be equipped with different sets of strike packages and it wasn’t made particularly clear, unless I missed it, that it was this way.

As said before, I will have my review up sometime next week and I will be spending a considerable amount of time between now and then getting more accustomed to the game, so I will have more of a baseline for the review. Until then, I will say that my impressions are more positive than negative at this moment in time!


2 thoughts on “Modern Warfare 3 Impressions

  1. I’m with you, still in that sort-of “not sure” area as to how I feel about the game so far. But I’ve only played MP as of yet, I think I’m gonna jump into SP and see what the campaign is like

    • I think that the entire experience of Modern Warfare 2 left a very sour taste in my mouth, so after spending weeks/months reading about how similar MW3 was going to be to it’s younger brother, I have prepped myself for a big disaster. It doesn’t necessarily feel like it’s going to be as bad as MW2, but I have learned that you can only get a decent picture of how it’s going to turn out after weeks with the game.

      Regardless, the biggest problem that this game will have, and all future CoD games, is the large segment of the community that play like bitches.

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