And the bells were ringing out, for Christmas Day

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Like it or loath it, we’re merely 50 days away from what is my favourite time of the calendar year for so many reasons that this post could easily exceed 1000 words.

I love everything about Christmas; the atmosphere, the way it brings people together, the music, the weather. Everything. Right now, I have already started my shopping and for the last few years, I can honestly say that I have been more interested in giving presents than I have receiving them. As a matter of fact, I could very easily receive no presents at all and still have a wonderful, enjoyable experience. I don’t spend a fortune on gifts to give to people, just as I know people don’t spend a lot on the things they give to me, but that is not what it is about. Maybe when I was a child, but those days are gone.

As I said previously, I adore this winter weather that we’re just beginning to head into, here in the UK. Yes, I may be absolutely freezing at times, but strangely, I still love it. This may make me borderline crazy, but I am hard-wired that way. I cannot imagine going through the festive season without the sub-degree temperatures to go with it, so I can’t imagine how folks in Australia manage to have Christmas in the middle of Summer. I suppose they are used to it, though. That’s not to say that I always like being cold, mind. I remember being awfully ill last year and frozen to the core at the same time; an experience I am not keen to repeat.

Anyway, I am waffling on now but I just wanted to post something and this has been on my mind all week. I mentioned music, earlier, so here are a few videos of classic christmas songs to get you in the mood. You know you want to be! 🙂

(One of my favourites, by far).

(Gets me in the mood every single time!)

(I never seem to hear many people consider this to be a classic but I hear this every year and it never fails to get me in the festive cheer)

Also, before I forget, I want to thank you if you’ve visited this blog, or read any of my stuff so far. I appreciate it and I hope I don’t bore you all!


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