Modern Map Pack 3 or not?

It’s that time of year again, also known as Call of Duty time. Another year, another release and, yet again, I’m going to be buying it on day one. Yes, the franchise has its faults but regardless of them, I still have fun with it. That being said, if it follows the same path that MW2 did, I don’t think I can justify continuing with the series without feeling like I’ve just been robbed blind by the highwayman.

Modern Warfare 2 was, and still is, a colossal failure when it comes to the balance and feeling of equality between players. The guns are good, some of the new additions are great but the killstreaks ran the multiplayer into the ground. I just want to be able to play a quick game where people will run around and shoot each other on an equal playing field, without five different variations of aircraft reducing me to ash from the moment I spawn. That’s not including the kids hiding in corners with their claymores set up and marshmallows gently cooking over a camp fire, with the end result being yet more behemoths in the sky. Take those two things out of the equation and you actually have a fun game.

Then we had Black Ops, a game that I consider to be better than MW2 but still fundamentally flawed. Treyarch tried to make the killstreaks less potent, and in some areas they succeeded, but they’re still far too prevalent and powerful than they should be. In my eyes, Call of Duty should be a game all about running and gunning. The killstreaks should be added bonuses for doing good, not potential game-changing pieces of equipment.

From what I have seen of MW3, it looks and sounds identical to MW2, but if it surrenders to the same problems as it’s predecessor, then I can’t get on board with further iterations of the franchise. I have realised, recently, that it is impossible for a game to be 100% free of camping when online. You can try and make it as un-fulfilling and difficult as possible, but you cannot completely eliminate it. There are far too many people who play online that consider their stats to be important in real life, hence the cheap behavior. Anyway, back on point.I am looking forward to MW3 as every Call of Duty game has given me hours upon hours of gaming, even MW2, so I know that I am getting what I paid for, but even though the game ‘looks’ to be improved in terms of balance, that is yet to be seen. I may be coming back on here in several months time to lambast the game, it’s creators and label Infinity Ward to be the most incompetent developers in recent times, or I may come back to applaud it. It’s the next game I will be reviewing so I shouldn’t have too long to wait!

Sorry for rambling, I just felt like adding a new post and, well, here it is!


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