First post!

Hello blogosphere!

I have tried, many times in the past, to create and maintain a blog but have always ended up abandoning it into the depths of the internet abyss. So, here I am with another attempt but one I am actually serious about this time.

I will be using this blog to upload reviews of video games (possibly other forms of media, too), as well as the occasional recap of a TV show episode. I may use this blog for other things as well. As well as that, I would like for people, if you wanted to, to critique my work. If there are errors in anything I write, or you think something is out-of-place, or if you love my stuff, please tell me and I will appreciate it all. I did not really create this blog with the expectation that I would get a shed load of people reading my writing and commenting on it. This is more of a personal space me for me to put my content and have as my own, but I still would love visitors. 🙂

So far, I have a review of Batman: Arkham City that I have spent the last week on that I will upload soon and beyond that, I intend to write quite a substantial amount.


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